Sunday Link Love: Cultivating Community, Legal Checklist for Your Blog + Pricing Tips

June 11, 2017

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.  The links are very, very rarely affiliate links, but if any are, I’ll say so. Along with sharing my recent favorites, it’s also a way for me to keep an extra-personal touch to my blog. Social media is great, but my blog is still my home base!

On my mind… I just spent the past week in Montgomery Alabama for a client, so my head is swimming with ideas and to dos. It’s always fun getting to revisit where I lived for a few years and see what’s new.

What I’m loving… Summertime adventures are well underway! Not only traveling, but local Pittsburgh events are popping up more and more. I finally got to attend the Arts Fest last weekend and had a blast. 

What fun events are going on in your city this summer?
pittsburgh arts fest umbrellas

Umbrella Sky at Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh


Reading… That Night by Chevy Stevens. After traveling and socializing all week, I buried myself under the covers and read for awhile this weekend. It’s a good mystery/thriller, so I was drawn in quickly.

Now on to this week’s round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» Ever heard of welcome email? Not sure what to include or why it’s key for you, your brand and your subscribers? Read this.

» As you probably know, my mission is to help you harness strengths, personality, and energy to easily + authentically market your work to exactly the people who need it. That includes building your community. Check out this free workbook from Ashley Beaudin and her post on how to cultivate more community in your brand.

» Coming up with blog post ideas is SO hard sometimes! This list of 32 blog posts ideas from the Blog Stylist can definitely give you some inspiration.

» Building your subscribers can be such a challenge. Especially when dealing with the sting of unsubscribe notifications and spam complaints. It doesn’t feel great when people unsubscribe. That’s natural. Here are 4 email marketing hacks to help you not only deal but minimize them.

» Need help coming up with ideas for tweets and keeping your social media content fresh, relevant and helpful? Marketing Solved is sharing a great free calendar with 31 days of content to share on your social media.

» May was Mental Health Awareness month. My days have been non-stop busy lately which definitely has a huge impact on my mental health. I feel guilty when I need to take a break, but the quality of my work suffers greatly if I don’t. This post by Indigo shares 10 great ways to build self-care into your work day.

»  The legal aspects of running a blog can definitely be overwhelming! Jackie created this great and simple checklist to make sure you’re keeping your blog legal and legit.

» Pricing is key when it comes to growing your business. If you’re not getting the results you want from your sales, read this post on perfect pricing tips.


My life lately according to Instagram…

Do you have any Sunday rituals to prepare for the week ahead? ✘ I'm still a paper + pen girl when it comes to calendars and to do lists, so I've started planning out my week schedule on Sunday evenings (along with color coded time blocks). ✘ 5 years into running my business and I still haven't found the perfect system, so I'm always interested to learn about everyone else's. Do you #bulletjournal, on @teamasana exclusively, or anything else? Let me know in the comments! . . . . . #fromabove #onmytable #findyourflock #tcctribe #elevatecultivate #maketodayamazing #theeverygirl #savvyblogging #ohwowyes #Calledtobecreative #LiveColorfully #pursuepretty #Flashesofdelight #prettylittlething #soloverly #thehappynow #ABMHappyLife #simpleandstill #fromwhereistand #sundaymood #creativelifehappylife #tnchustler #creativeentrepeneur

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I've been trying to think of what to post for weeks, but I've been in an energy slump lately. So while I lay in bed at 8pm on a Friday, I'll share my thoughts. . This topic is close to my heart for many reasons, but it's also important for entrepreneurs. We're so often isolated both mentally (from people not "getting it") and physically (from working from home). We also face (by our choice) a career of extreme ups and downs. . As someone who's already prone to anxiety and depression, this can be tricky. I feel guilty when I need to take a break, but the quality of my work suffers greatly if I don't. Having the time to do something doesn't mean I have the energy. . I love the increased awareness around mental health these days, but we have more work to do to end the stigma and open up honestly. We need to take better care of ourselves and each other. . Now it's your turn! Has mental health affected your business? How do you handle it?

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The cutest wedding date (and best man).

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  • Miranda Nahmias June 11, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    That’s so cool that you were able to travel for client work! 🙂