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7+ Super-Simple Social Media Contest Ideas to Gain More Followers

October 12, 2017
simple social media contest ideas to gain followers

Running a social media contest is a fantastic way to gain followers, connect with your audience in a fun way, increase interaction, &/or promote a new product or service you’re launching.

You’ll want to bookmark this post as I’ve included:

  • Guidelines to keep your contests legal
  • 7+ easy-to-implement ideas {27 actually!!}
  • My top tips for hosting a successful social media contest
  • Selecting your winners
  • Giveaway prize ideas

I find myself recommending social media contests to clients more and more, so I wanted to share some quick ideas to jump-start your interactions and following.

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Health + Wellness, Lifestyle

How to Tame the Caffeine Beast Without Losing Your Mind

October 4, 2017
how to cut back on caffeine

Entrepreneurs are known for running on coffee, right? How else would we get anything done?!

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with caffeine for years. Sometimes I build up a tolerance and suddenly realize I’m consuming way too much every day. Other times, for seemingly no real reason, more than one cup of coffee will trigger a migraine. But I do know that I love my morning coffee and that caffeine can have some benefits.

Today’s guest post is from Jess Cording, registered dietitian and health coach. She’s breaking down how to cut back on caffeine without cutting it out completely, so you can still enjoy the positive benefits of it.


Coffee always has—and likely always will be—my vice of choice.

I shouldn’t even call it a vice. Coffee has actually been noted for an array of health benefits, and talking over coffee or tea is an important social connector.

A small to moderate dose of caffeine can make you feel more alert, energetic, focused, and upbeat.  It’s also been shown to help the body perform better during exercise and has been associated with enhanced short-term memory, reduced risk of certain diseases, and improved long-term cognitive function.  

Like many good things, however, too much can turn into a bad situation (cue the caffeine jitters and withdrawal headaches), so finding your sweet spot is key.

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Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Alexis Giostra: Productivity Guru Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder

September 27, 2017
Productivity Tools Expert Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder

I’ve always been a believer in working smarter rather than harder, so I’m excited to share today’s interview.

Like many of us, Alexis Giostra started in the corporate world but was craving something more. Not only did she make a plan to exit her corporate job, but she replaced the income she was making in just 6 months!

In this interview, you’ll learn how she got started and how she continues to grow her business.

Let’s dig in!

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18 No-Nonsense Ways to Skyrocket Business Growth (+ Limited Time Offer)

September 18, 2017
18 no-nonsense ways to skyrocket business growth

The solopreneurial life can get lonely and tough. In fact, it’s often a roller coaster, but with great rewards & lessons along the way.

That’s why it’s important to forget the fantasy, like private jets and buying your own island and decide what success really means for you.

I want you to take a moment to stop the hamster wheel and imagine how your next level of success would feel. Think about what would be easier, simpler, smoother. How would a typical day, week, or month look?

Which tools, people, processes or knowledge do you need to start putting in place to get there?

Because it IS possible to achieve with realistic goals which still stretch you and grow your business.

In this post, I’m going to talk about why it’s hard to succeed as a solopreneur, what can make it easier, and give you the lowdown on an exciting offer…

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Get Smart: 5 Worth-it Business Tools to Make Your Life Easier

September 13, 2017

You’ll know as well as I do that life as a solopreneur is a constant, fiery juggling act.

From over-delivering for our beloved clients to sounding savvy on social media to filing our receipts to overseeing every inch of our businesses – it’s complex, exciting, nerve-racking, joyful, frustrating… but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

What can make the difference between sink or swim are productivity-boosting tools which help us streamline and manage our day-to-day lives.

Here are the top 5 essential business tools I use, and highly recommend, to help run my online business as smoothly as possible.

The reason I recommend them so much is that they’re straightforward to use, have massively reduced overwhelm, and they’ve made a significant difference to my success.

Although I’m biased in cheering for these resources, I’ve included any downsides to keep my reviews balanced because, let’s be honest, nothing is perfect 100% of the time!

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Sunday Link Love: Email Sequences Blueprint, Build an Engaged Online Community & Get Inspired

September 10, 2017
Sunday Link Love: Email Sequences Blueprint, Build an Engaged Online Community & Get Inspired

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.  The links are very, very rarely affiliate links, but if any are, you’ll see an * beside the link. Along with sharing my recent favorites, it’s also a way for me to keep an extra-personal touch to my blog. Social media is great, but my blog is still my home base!

Anticipating… Another round of The Imperfect Boss campaign is starting on Tuesday September 12th! 

“We have set out to liberate tens of thousands of creative women from perfect and empower one another to be real and confident in life and business. We are a rebel-hearted crew of women who are willing to create a ruckus for the sake of one another.”

I LOVE this movement so much that I decided to sponsor it this round. 

Anyone else planning to join? Let me know your Instagram handle in the comments, and I’ll be sure to follow!

The Imperfect Boss Campaign on Instagram

Loving… Mixing things up for fall.

I’m a restless soul. I crave change often. This time I channeled it into my hair. Thanks @manicpanicnyc.

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Now on to this week’s round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» Not sure what should be on your homepage to keep ’em on your site? Bluchic is sharing 3 key questions you should ask yourself so you can create a homepage that will attract your ideal client.

» I’ve personally used MailChimp to send out my newsletters for years. If you’ve never used email automation before, or aren’t sure how to set it up within Mailchimp, then you’re in luck. This MailChimp 101 post is your step by step guide to setting up your first automation and to getting more engaged followers.

» Speaking of newsletters. Now that you know how to set-up automation, what do you send your readers? Not to worry! I’ve got you covered. This amazing 7-step blueprint on how to write an email sequence not only shares what emails to send but the 3 major mistakes you should avoid!

» Do any of you use Gmail plugins to help organize and automate your emails? I recently learned about the Gmail follow-up tool called Gmass*. It sounds like a handy tool for anyone who does a lot of emailing with clients and/or pitches partnerships for podcasts, guest blogging or the like. Think automatic follow-ups for pending client approvals, automatic lead follow-ups, automatic emails based on clicks and opens, plus analytics to track everything.

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Health + Wellness

The Surprising Business Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

September 6, 2017
the surprising business benefits of hiring a health coach

Today’s post is from Kate Tarratt Cross, a health coach dedicated to helping people make simple changes to boost energy and live better.

I work with many coaches and wellness entrepreneurs, and even have a holistic health coaching certificate myself, so I’ve asked Kate to share what helped her the most to get started as a health coach. The answer might surprise you!


It’s so brave to choose entrepreneurship as a life journey, but I’m sure every entrepreneur out there will tell you that it’s not always easy. Many entrepreneurs are in charge of doing everything in the business themselves, so the hours in the day are just never long enough.

For most entrepreneurs, each day is a roller coaster of unexpected and sometimes “bipolar” type emotions, which run from elation to complete lack of confidence. To top it off there is a health revolution happening and we are now constantly bombarded with “healthy advice” or comparisons to make you feel like you aren’t doing enough to have that beautiful boundless energy or small waistline.

Does this sound like you? You want to get fit and healthy, but your hectic schedule and bombardment of health ads and information leave you overwhelmed.

Many people sign up for a gym membership with the hopes of turning their lives around once and for all. Just signing up leaves us with a sense of accomplishment, right?

We do this with every intention of visiting the gym regularly, only to find, a few short weeks later we start making more and more excuses to skip. The visits get fewer and fewer, stopping altogether for some. While the gym payments keep exiting your account, you’re in the meantime getting more stressed trying to make ends meet while your business takes off.

This is what happened to me, despite being an avid gym-goer all my life! So believe me, it can happen to anyone.

In order to maintain my health while still dedicating long hours to starting my business, I knew I needed a more sustainable approach to health and wellness.

So that’s why I’d like to share with you why I ditched my gym membership and took on a health coach, and how I could never have gotten my business up and running without one.

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Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Nora Conrad: Productivity Expert for Entrepreneurs

August 30, 2017
Chasing Dreams Interview with Nora Conrad, Organization & Productivity Expert for Entrepreneurs

Do you feel like you’re bombarded daily with subjects like “Reach 6 figures in 2 days!” and “While you’re sleeping I’m hustling to reach my dreams“?

I know I do. And instead of feeling motivated, I’m filled with anxiety and not-good-enough, not-doing-enough dread.

In today’s interview, Nora Conrad is getting real on the two issues we don’t talk about enough as entrepreneurs- money and energy.

Her approach as a productivity expert doesn’t involve learning how to function on 5 hours of sleep or adopting a one-size-fits-all magic formula. Instead, she’s learned how to maximize her own energy and helps clients do the same.

Her honesty around money and burn out are just two of the reasons I couldn’t wait to share her story. I’ve been following Nora for years and know she has a lot to teach us.

Let’s dig in!

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Sunday Link Love: Creating a Privacy Statement, Dealing with Indecision & Why Introverts are Great Entrepreneurs

August 27, 2017

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.  The links are very, very rarely affiliate links, but if any are, you’ll see an * beside the link. Along with sharing my recent favorites, it’s also a way for me to keep an extra-personal touch to my blog. Social media is great, but my blog is still my home base!

Anticipating… Lots of new things are coming this fall, like my new website, getting back to work on a new program for introverts, and participating in two projects (The Imperfect Boss Campaign and the One Woman Shop bundle…details to come soon!).

Reading… I started listening to the audio book The 10x Rule but had to ditch it. The author sounded too much like a pushy salesman and I just couldn’t deal. Do you ditch books early on if you’re just not connecting with the content? Now I’m listening to Originals: How Non-comformists Move the World and it’s a much better fit.

Watching… We finished the Netflix series Gypsy the other night and I’m still not sure what to think. Who else has seen it?

Any recommendations for shows that are good to have on for some background entertainment while doing tasks like that?

Now on to this week’s round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» As creative entrepreneurs, the legal aspects of owning a blog and online business can be not only overwhelming it can also be intimidating. Jade is one of my favorite resources for legal tips, especially her recent post on how to create your blog’s privacy statement.

» We work so hard to attract the type of audience we’re passionate about helping to our site and our newsletter. Yet knowing and creating regular content for our newsletters isn’t always easy. Here are 15 emails you can send your tribe instead of a newsletter to get you started and give you inspiration.

» According to Deana Ward growing your business means getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. As an introvert, this can at times be even more paralyzing but this post helped me to understand the cost of indecision in my business and what I can do about it.

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Health + Wellness

Meal Prep Made Easy: The Work From Home Survival Guide

August 23, 2017
meal prep made easy: the work from home survival guide

When you’re running your own empire, it can be hard to fit in the basics like sleeping enough and eating well.

We usually think about meal-prepping as a thing for people who work in an office, but it can actually save you time and money when you work from home too.

I’m Jess Cording, a dietitian, health coach, and writer, and I do most of my work from home. When my #wfh clients (had no idea that hashtag was even a thing until recently) ask if they should still do to the #mealprep thing, my answer is always an enthusiastic, “Totally!”

When I first started working more from home, I’d cook from scratch every morning, noon, and night. When you factored in prep time, eating time, and the Instagramming my #lunchbreak time (sad, maybe, but comes with the food blogger-dietitian territory), it’s no wonder maintaining momentum was a struggle.

Be honest, have you ever found yourself on a call trying to do the dishes or chop vegetables as quietly as possible as 2 pm?

Um, yeah, me neither.

Having lived that reality, I’ve found prepping food ahead of time to be incredibly helpful, and my clients who’ve tried it have too. You don’t have to do the massive spreads you see on social media.

Here’s how some slight tweaks can help you make food prepping work for you so you can enjoy healthy, delicious meals that are quick to throw together.

You’ll also enjoy simple pleasures like real plates and utensils and without having to hunt for a comfortable spot in the cafeteria. 

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