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Sunday Link Love: Anxiety, Yoga + Blogging Tools {Nov v4}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle 5 Benefits of Self-Myofascial Release Master List of YouTube Videos That Will Help with Flexibility Bookmark, add to Pinterest, whatever! You'll want to save this list. Overwhelmed & Rushed? Do a Stress Assess How to Become a Runner (Who Actually Likes to Run!) How Anxiety Almost Destroyed My Marriage Letting Go of Guilt
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How I Live on Purpose

I'm sharing how I live on purpose in support of my friend Dr. Danielle Dowling and her new book The Soul Sessions, a 5-week guide to crafting greater joy and making big things happen. Get a wee, free sample here! Danielle has been such a huge influence in the positive
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Why Content Isn’t King During Year 1

I've been working in content marketing since 2008 (has it really been 6 years?!). Everywhere I turn, people are proclaiming, "Content is king!" But if I've learned one thing from blogging, it's that content isn't really king. Good, high quality content is important, yes, but that may be misleading for people
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Sunday Link Love: Fitness, Cooking + Blogging {Nov v2}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle How safe and effective are hot fitness classes? Should You Focus on BIG Muscle Groups in a Workout? Don’t Let the Outside World Control Your Happiness   Food + Nutrition No Bake Pumpkin Spice Energy Bars 7 Strategies to Kick Sugar Cravings and Detox from Sugar How Water Affects Your Mood How To Cook Like
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