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Loving Your 9-5 Job + Finding a Job You Love

I mostly work with other entrepreneurs, but inspiring people to seek enjoyable careers is also important to me. Let's explore: Learning to love the 9-5 job you already have How to find a job you love Yes, I love being an entrepreneur, but we need all different jobs to make the world work. There are
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It’s Okay to Take a Mental Health Day

Whether you're in school, working in the corporate world or running your own business, I'm a supporter of mental health days. These aren't days where you skip out on responsibility just because you feel like it. These are days when you can't focus, feel exhausted and know you need a break. Taking
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Regain Control Over Anxiety (Free Worksheet)

I'm pretty open about my anxiety in case I'm able to help anyone else who experiences it. I suffer from general anxiety and probably some social anxiety. On top of being an introvert, it can get pretty overwhelming. Generalized anxiety disorder is "...a mental health condition in which a person is
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We’re All Composed of the Same Matter

I like this quote from John Green so much I wanted to use it again and expand on my previous post. [Tweet "What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person - John Green"] Your idol? A person. The CEO you fear? A person. The co-worker you hate? A
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Sunday Link Love: Money, Cats + Veggies {July 2}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle 13 Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic In Your Home How to Change Other People Skin, joy, boobs, and the right hair colour: My random & rarely dispensed beauty notes The 6 Tips Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know 5 Easy Steps to Make Any Dream Come True   Food + Nutrition 8
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23 Quick + Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Before you grab that pint of Ben & Jerry's, pop a Xanax or hit the mall, take a few deep breaths and try one of the options below. Chances are "retail therapy" will only leave you more stressed, because according to this Washington Post article, "73% of Americans name money
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