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A Lesson in Being Present

Nothing will test your patience quite like flying. And in my case, traveling for business in general. I love the idea of traveling, but I'm a very anxious person. Navigating layovers, delayed flights, airport shuttles to hotels, etc. is exhausting and leaves my nerves feeling fried. Follow that up with a
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Sunday Link Love: Tampa, Inflammation + Content {Aug v4}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle How to stop comparing yourself to others Mascara Smackdown: What’s Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free & Works? Do you know what's in your mascara + if it's cruelty-free? What to do when good & bad things happen at the same time Are More Americans Dying from Too Many Medications? Study Finds Link Between Depression and
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Should you list prices on your website?

I debated for quite awhile about whether I'd list my prices. I've even changed it three times since my website has gone live. There's no right or wrong answer for this question, but it's worth considering. The argument for listing prices: +Listing your prices works as a filter. People will know what
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27 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries

Everything these days is go-go-go. We live in a society that celebrates being busy and stressed. But what is that stress really costing you? Exhaustion, quick meals and no time to play aren't leaving you fulfilled, that's for sure. When you feel your best, you'll do your best. Start carving out personal
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