Friday Inspiration: There is No Finish Line So Love The Journey

August 28, 2015
there is no finish line

“There is no finish line, so love the journey.” -David Weekly

Just a quick reminder that there is no finish line.

Stop the mindset of “when x happens, things will be better” or “when x happens, I’ll feel fulfilled.”

Don’t rush through life. This is a reason to find passions, either in hobbies or your career.

Social Media

Beginner’s Guide to Twitter: Profile Set-up, Posts + Followers {Part 1}

August 26, 2015
beginner's guide to twitter

One of the questions I hear the most from new business coaching clients is, “Do I really need to learn how to use Twitter? I just don’t get it.”

But for me, I have the most followers on Twitter. (However, Pinterest sends the most social traffic to my website, making up 55% of my monthly traffic overall, in fact, but that’s a topic for another day!)

Twitter describes the platform as, “The fastest, simplest way to stay close to everything you care about.” It has become one of the top news sources, often beating out news agency’s for breaking stories.

Business Insider calls it the fastest way for news to spread. “Twitter is the fastest way to spread thoughts. Not the kind of thoughts about what you’ll eat for lunch. The kind of thoughts that have global impacts.”

Why should entrepreneurs use Twitter?

  • 500 million+ people are on Twitter
  • 47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that brand’s website
  • Here’s a helpful interactive infographic on The Value of a Twitter Follower
  • Easy, fast way to interact and get news on the move or in a time crunch (which most entrepreneurs deal with, right?)
  • It’s an easy way to provide customer service
  • 74% of people who follow small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) follow to get updates on future product
  • Twitter is becoming more visual. Tweets with photos tend to get more interaction

Whether these stats and benefits have convinced you or not, I still recommend giving it a try. That’s the best way to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

4 Tips for Setting up Your Twitter Profile

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Sunday Link Love: Living Green, Wasting Food + Creating Workshops {Aug v3}

August 23, 2015
Sunday Link Love
Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

4 Ways To Attract Deep Love + Success In Your Relationships

You’re free to go. #Truthbomb elaborations
“Honor your life by honoring your time.”

4 Simple Ways to Live “Green”

The Best Stretch For Tight Hips


Food + Nutrition

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Quinoa

This Healthy Pumpkin Muffin Is So Good, You’ll Want to Eat It Year-Round

Are expiration dates causing you to waste food?

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Health + Wellness

4 Favorite Tools for Staying Healthy as an Entrepreneur

August 19, 2015
staying healthy as an entrepreneur

Running your own business can feel like a whirlwind sometimes. Between client work, working on your business, and trying to fit in time for family and friends, it’s easy to let self-care take a back seat.

But it’s so important to the success of your business and your own fulfillment. You can’t help others from an empty tank.

Here are 4 of my favorite tools for staying healthy as a business owner:
*These are not affiliate links, just tools I love!

1. Headspace

Headspace is an app for guided meditation. I’ve tried a variety of guided meditations before, but I connected best with this one.

Meditation is the perfect partner for entrepreneurs because it can:

  • Improve productivity at work
  • Improve creative thinking
  • Lower blood pressure / promote relaxation
  • Help with insomnia
  • Lower anxiety

Those are just a few of the benefits of meditation, of course. If you’re interested in learning more from a modern perspective, I highly recommend the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris. Continue Reading…


Sunday Link Love: Criticism, Saturated Fat + Social Media Templates {Aug v2}

August 16, 2015
Sunday Link Love
Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

Loosen Your Hips to Lose the Belly {oh and prevent injury!}

5 Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser (note to self…)

What to Do When You’re Panicking Because You Can’t Make a Decision

Why Teen Retailer Is Giving Victoria’s Secret A Run For Its Money

Why You May Feel Crushed by Criticism (and What to Do About It)


Food + Nutrition

Cinnamon Roll Bars

Saturated Fat: Good, Bad, or Benign?

Latte Ice Cubes for Anytime Frappuccinos


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Friday Inspiration: Exist to Be Happy, Not to Impress

August 14, 2015
exist to be happy

What makes you happy?

Are the majority of your actions aimed towards things that truly make you happy or toward things you think you should be doing?

Are the things you buy to impress others? Are you goals really your own?

Make some space to examine these questions and adjust accordingly.


Can You Really Have it All? (On Business + Motherhood)

August 12, 2015
can you really have it all

Today’s post is from Nicola Salmon, a UK based Acupuncturist and Naturopath plus mother to a 15 month old. Today’s topic is an important one for female entrepreneurs. I’m not a mother myself, but know a lot of you can relate to the struggle of trying to “have it all.” Nicola has some great advice, so take a look!


You can have it all!

Up-leveling my business is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I started my acupuncture business very small, working a couple of evenings a week, renting a small room at a yoga studio. My mind, however, had different ideas. I was always thinking about my next big idea. But they stayed big ideas until I had my son and realized I didn’t want to choose between staying at home or working full-time at a job that didn’t fill me with passion.

So what happens when you want to dream big in your business but also want to be a stay at home mum? I threw caution to the wind, quit my bridge job and went full steam ahead into the land of the unknown…. the land of the entrepreneur.

But can you really have it all? You can, as long as you know what it is that you what!

Find YOUR balance

I compromised on being a mum full time and running a successful business. As much as I wanted to cram all my work effectively into nap-time, it didn’t ever quite work out like that. Now I have childcare for my little one two days a week. It makes me more efficient for those two days and I enjoy my time with my little more all the more on the other days.

What does your perfect balance look like?

Think outside the box

As an acupuncturist, I really love helping people but recently, I had the revelation, that this didn’t just have to be in person. So much of my job is giving people advice about how to improve their lifestyle. So much of this advice could benefit millions of other people, so why not share it with the world? By thinking outside of my comfort zone, I’m now creating an online program using all my experience in health and lifestyle advice treating my patients, to help more women get their bodies (and minds!) ready for making a baby.

What could you do with your expertise to impact more people?

Go with the flow

In the midst of my up-leveling, life threw me a unexpected curve ball. I found out I was pregnant again. With a 15-month little man already in tow, it was a very much wanted but unexpected surprise. With a ticking clock now firmly embedded in my uterus, I had to reprioritize my goals and decide what was most important in my business. Creating my program now became my priority as it would provide a passive income whilst looking after a newborn. It also meant I couldn’t procrastinate any longer. Being done is better than perfect!

Are you resisting any changes right now?

Get a coach

Getting a coach was the best decision I ever made to up-level my business. Not only did it shift my mindset into believing that I was worth investing in, but it gave me accountability so I actually got the work done. My coach inspires me to fulfill my potential in my business and helps me iron out the niggles when they come up.

How would hiring a coach shift your mindset?


Do you enjoy every aspect of your business? Chances are the answer is no. By outsourcing you are channeling your energy into the bits you love and building your business bigger whilst giving all the rubbishy bit to someone else. Sound scary? Start small, even hiring a virtual assistant for an hour a week will make a big difference to your productivity and happiness levels. I just hired a cleaner and boy does it feel good to have a clean house without having to force myself to do it.

What could you outsource today?


Nicola Salmon About Nicola

Nicola Salmon is an Acupuncturist and Naturopath in London, UK. Her mission is to empower women all over the world on their journey into motherhood. She blogs about making, growing and nurturing babies and encourages women to follow their instinct to make the best choices for the health of their families and themselves.

Website // Facebook // Instagram


Sunday Link Love: Instagram, Periscope + Healthy Eating {Aug v1}

August 9, 2015
Sunday Link Love
Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

Upper Body Workout + Why Processed Foods Get You Down

Monday Motivation: “I Trust Myself to Figure It Out.”

10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Unhealthy Confessions From Healthy Living Bloggers


Food + Nutrition

97 High Protein Breakfast Ideas – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Paleo Options

Beauty from the Inside Out: What to Eat for Gorgeous Skin!

8 Kitchen Hacks to Make Healthy Foods Last Longer

The Best Evidence-Based Food and Nutrition Sites

36 Recipes to Fuel Your Sriracha Obsession

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SEO Basics: Why Are Long Tail Keywords Important?

August 5, 2015
long tail keywords

By popular demand, I’m breaking down the basics of search engine optimization in this series called SEO Basics. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover or any questions, let me know in the comments!

What is a long-tail keyword phrase?
  • Keywords are the words or phrases that describe your site, web page or post.
  • They are what people might type into a search engine to pull up your website or blog post.
  • A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that is really detailed.
    • For example, a specific question or phrase, such as “Best Men’s Shoes for Running Marathons”
    • You can see the breakdown of the phrase getting more specific below
long tail keywords example

Image via Points Group LLC

More Examples of Long-Tail Keyword Phrases
  • When I head over to Google, I usually have a question in mind or need a specific piece of information.
  • I recently moved, so instead of Googling “moving tips” or “DMV,” you can see I typed in exactly what I was looking for:

long tail keyword questions

Why are long-tail keyword phrases so important?

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