Sunday Link Love: Compliment Club + Free Blogging Tools {July v1}

July 5, 2015
Sunday Link Love: Health, Nutrition + Blogging
Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

By Letting Go It All Gets Done (+ the space in-between)

5 Planks to add to your workouts
I have a love/hate relationship with planks

The 7 Rules of Compliment Club
I love this. Not only do I love any reference to Fight Club, but it’s a really good message.

Why We Teach What We Need to Learn

You don’t owe anyone your pretty (or your intrigue or your ambition, for that matter)

Look Around (Not at Your Phone) and Be Present in Your Life

Plan Less and Enjoy More: Give Yourself Space to Simply Be


Food + Nutrition

Rainbow Kale Salad
Kale + cherries sounds like perfection to me.

Summer Farmer’s Market Grocery List


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Friday Inspiration: Value Yourself + Value Your Time

July 3, 2015
value your time quote image

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you won’t do anything with it.” – M. Scott Peck

What a perfect quote for entrepreneurs, especially those who offer services. It can be so challenging to set up boundaries and know what we’re worth.

However, that’s the only way we can move forward, stay sane + do amazing things with the time we have.

Here are a few questions that come to mind when I read this quote:

  • Are you taking time for self-care?
  • Do you have clear boundaries with clients? Are they in your contract?
  • Are you charging what you’re worth?






Business, Health + Wellness

Slowing Down: How being mindful can help you and your business

July 1, 2015
slowing down

Today’s post is from Samantha Russell, blogger and Eating Psychology Coach in training. She approached me with the topic of how mindfulness can help your business, so of course I said YES immediately. I think you’ll really enjoy the insight she has to share.


As wellness entrepreneurs we not only want health and wellness for ourselves but for our customers, clients, and patients. One way we can do this is by being wellness role-models. By modelling – with authenticity – actions, thoughts, and beliefs that can really heal, we can do our job at a truly deeper level. One key that will help your health, business, and clients is the practice of ‘slow’.

This idea has been around for a while, and was popularized in the book ‘In Praise of Slow’ by Carl Honoré, and today I’m going to dive into this concept a little and how it can really help you improve not only your own well-being, but that of your wellness business too.

Why ‘go slow’?

There’s a quote from poet Stephen Dobyns that sums up how most of us do our days, “Each thing I do, I rush through so I can do something else.” I know I’ve found myself doing this more than I’d like to admit. I’m sure you have too.

This is no way to live! And it’s certainly no way to be a successful wellness entrepreneur. So, what’s the answer? You guessed it! Going Slow.

So, what does it mean to ‘go slow’?

Well, it doesn’t actually mean that you have to move slowly, or necessarily take more time over things – though in our busy, rushed schedules, this might be a good idea! The core of the ‘slow’ concept is that we should take enough time to be really mindful and present in our lives in all our activities and interactions. Rather than mentally rushing through to get to the next thing, we go mentally slow, focusing on one thing at a time.

Why should I do this? Won’t it just mean I get less done?

Quite the contrary. By being mindful of the present moment and taking as much time as you need to get the job (whatever it may be) done properly, you set yourself up to not only create real quality in you life and business, but to put yourself into a full-body relaxation response.

The benefits of this simply can not be overstated. Coming to life or work from a place of stress sets you up (through increased cortisol, inflammation, decreased calorie burning, and a host of other less than great body responses) to be a lot less than you could be – both in terms of your health and your business performance. When you are relaxed, which is helped a lot by being mindful, present, and slow, you counteract this and can show up in the world with vibrant authenticity.

What are some of the benefits you can expect from ‘going slow’ in life and work?

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Friday Inspiration: Feel Grateful For What We Have

June 26, 2015
feel grateful quote image

“If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?” – unknown

There’s a certain power in being grateful for what you already have. It opens up new possibilities and the energy to focus on goals that aren’t material.






One Simple Question for Overcoming Fear

June 24, 2015
overcoming fear

I was listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast the other week and this episode, The Art of Rejection with Jia Jiang, really caught my attention.

Jia Jiang decided to face his fear of rejection head on by putting himself in 100 situations where the outcome was almost certain to be “no.” He asked people ridiculous things, like to give him $100, to play soccer in a stranger’s backyard and for a “burger refill.” You’d be surprised at how many people actually said yes, though.

So it made me think about my own fear.

I handle fear in a similar fashion to how I handle anxiety. I try looking at the facts of the situation.
Included in that is asking myself, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

worst that could happen quote image

I’m afraid of heights, and that’s not one I can easily work through.
Worst case scenario? I fall to my death.
Semi-bad scenario? I break a limb.

So there aren’t a lot of points I can argue there. I’m clumsy and uncoordinated. I move quickly. The odds are stacked against me, so my fear is at least somewhat grounded. Whether that justification makes sense to anyone but me, I’m not sure haha.

But what about the fear of launching my business?
Worst case scenario? It fails. I have to start over or go back into the corporate world.
Semi-bad scenario? It’s not very successful or not fulfilling.

Both of those situations suck, sure. But both fall under “It sucks, but…”
It sucks, but you’ll learn what doesn’t work. (The only true way for finding out what does)
It sucks, but you’ll grow as a person. I promise.
It sucks, but how impressive would that look on a resume that you had the ambition to start a business?

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Business, Introverts

5 Ways to Find Space to Breathe as an Introvert in Business

June 22, 2015
introvert in business

Today’s post is from Kathryn Hall, who blogs over at The Business Introvert. She helps introverts escape the noise and run their business their own way, which is a topic very close to my heart. Kathryn contacted me a few months ago and we knew we had to connect. Even if you aren’t an introvert, you may find her tips very useful.


Let’s not beat about the bush. If you’re introverted then you need regular quiet time, there should be no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it.

Unlike our extrovert counterparts who thrive in social situations and lively work environments, our bodies have an inbuilt need for peace and quiet in order to function effectively. (I should know – I’m not sure that even a sliver of extroversion exists in me!)

And the truth is that as someone who’s highly introverted, alone time means so much more to me than simply re-charging my batteries and finding my energy (though of course that is hugely important).

Through the wonderful power of daydreaming and reflection (don’t you just love a bit of window gazing?) it’s also how I access the creative part of my brain, process the world around me to find clarity, and get my problem solving head on to come up with solutions – all of which is pretty important when you’re running a biz!

But of course we all know that being your own boss can also be hugely time-consuming. With (deep breath!) emails to respond to, blog posts to write, meetings to attend, paperwork to file, courses to write, clients to speak to, social media to schedule, accounts to sort out and graphics to create…how do you actually run a business as an introvert without completely losing your marbles?

Well, just as with anything, I believe it’s about taking positive action to shape your business to suit your own specific needs and desires. You are the boss after all!

Below I have compiled 5 tips to help you ditch the overwhelm, clear your schedule, and find that all-important space to breathe.

If you’re anything like me, your body, mind AND business will be truly thankful.


Don’t fill your schedule with meetings

As an introvert, working to a jam-packed schedule that involves meeting people all day every day is a one-way ticket to exhaustville.

If meeting people either face-to-face or via Skype forms a core part of how you run your business then I highly recommend you schedule meeting-free days to recharge your batteries, focus on other tasks and reflect on your business.

Similarly, setting yourself limits on how many people you see in a day/week can be really helpful and will help stop you feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs doing.

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Sunday Link Love: Adulthood, Sugar Cravings + Creating Opt-Ins {June v3}

June 21, 2015
Sunday Link Love: Health, Nutrition + Blogging
Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

3 Books You Must Read to Take Back Your Life

How Adulthood Happens

The Key to Helping a Person Who Is Depressed

3 Simple Yoga Stretches To Soothe Neck Tension If You Sit All Day

A wake up call: You don’t get to do just the good stuff

You Are Not A Fraud and You Deserve the Praise You Receive


Food + Nutrition

Three Tips To Fight Sugar Cravings

How to Bake Chicken Breast that are Moist and Tender

Breakfast to Go! Blueberry Carrot Cake Bars with Granola


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Friday Inspiration: Feelings Will Change When You Take Action

June 19, 2015
dont wait quote graphic

“Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take action. Take the action and your feelings will change.” -Barbara Baron

Growth requires change. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s time to test some options.

Don’t be paralyzed by the fear of regret. You always have a choice. If the first action doesn’t work out, try another one. It’s really that simple.



Blogging, Social Media

5 Easy Food Photography Tips Using Your Smart Phone

June 17, 2015
food photography tips

Hi there Danielle fans! My name is Lindsay Cotter and I blog over at Cotter Crunch. So happy Danielle is letting me share her space today!

Anyway, about me. I’m married to a former pro triathlete (now full time endurance coach). I’m also a Nutrition Specialist for Endurance Athletes and Gluten-Free eating. My blog is a gluten free guide (for all). Basically I like to FUEL others with EASY and DELICIOUS gluten free recipes. I also do my best to share proper nutrition tips and tricks as you work to keep your body and life in balance. Just consider me your gluten free house wife with food as fuel to support.

Now, about that food. We gotta make it look pretty right? I mean, that’s half the fun (in my opinion). So today I wanted to share my tidbits on food photography. Only this time it’s not with any fancy camera, nope, it’s with a SMART PHONE!

Easy Food Photography Tips Using Your Smart Phone. These tips have helped me become a better photographer in general. But regardless, having a great smart phone camera is KEY!

food photography for smart phones

Oh instagram, how we love thee! It’s definitely the most popular social media platform these days. And I would agree, it’s my favorite, probably because you don’t have to think much. You don’t need 140 characters or less, you don’t have to state your “status.” You don’t even have to say a thing. All you need is a picture. And for many, that picture is their creative outlet. It’s a glimpse of their passion. It’s a way to express their style. It’s a way to see the world’s most amazing places without even leaving your house.

Well, that’s my reasoning for liking instagram, or any other form of photography. I love to edit pictures or create a story. And I love to use my camera and/or smart phone to capture moments that are worth “savoring.”

smartphone photography moments to savor

I know I know, corny. But it’s the truth.

And you know what? Using a smartphone for food photography has made me a better photographer in general. It’s almost like you get to practice before the real deal, ya know?

So with that being said, let’s talk ways to improve your food photography with a smart phone. I may not be an expert, but practicing these tips sure have helped me find new creative ways to photograph food –>  simple and engaging.

FIRST –> Find good light!

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