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Conference Survival Guide: How to Kill it as an Introvert

September 1, 2016
Conference Survival Guide: How to Kill it as an Introvert

I’m gearing up to attend my second year of Content Marketing World in Cleveland next week.

I love the energy and creative buzz at in-person conferences, but the endless sessions and socializing can feel overwhelming.

I took pages of notes last year (I have this strange love of physically writing notes), learned from my SEO idol Rand Fishkin, and felt inspired for weeks afterward.

I also handled my energy better than I have in similar situations. I’ve come to terms with being an introvert and am always learning how to better use and protect my energy reserves.

So I’ve organized my lessons from last year, plus a few new tips I’m excited to try, into a type of Conference Survival Guide for Introverts.

5 Tips to Survive a Conference as an Introvert

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4 Ways to Network Intentionally Online (Psst…Introvert-Friendly)

July 22, 2015
ways to network online

As a somewhat shy introvert, the word networking makes me cringe and want to hide. I imagine a big open room with people throwing elevator pitches at each other all night. I know this isn’t reality (for the most part) but the idea still doesn’t sit well with my personality.

So naturally I gravitate toward networking online. It’s not only good for introverts, but it’s also more convenient, more targeted, and further reaching. By networking online I’ve been able to get clients from all over the world (UK, Greece, Australia, South Africa and Germany, to name a few!) and have built strong friendships and business relationships with others I’ve met through the methods below.

The other week I attended an #ellechat with the topic of authentic networking. The word “introvert” came up A LOT as you can imagine, considering we were on Twitter. Other phrases that really got me thinking were “authentic networking” and “network intentionally.”

Authentic Networking

Authentic networking means not approaching every new connection solely as a business opportunity, but as a new relationship.  twitter icon

It requires making genuine connections + being supportive of others in the industry. It means being able to joke, show flaws, and give real feedback.

Intentional Networking

The key to networking intentionally is knowing you can add value to that person’s life.twitter icon

It means reaching out to someone you are interested in speaking with, working with, or helping in some way. It can be as simple as leaving a blog post comment that adds value to the post. It’s strategic in that you have researched the person or have connected with their content.


Now that you’re thinking more about the way you that you network, let’s see where you can network.

4 Places to Network Online

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5 Ways to Find Space to Breathe as an Introvert in Business

June 22, 2015
introvert in business

Today’s post is from Kathryn Hall, who blogs over at The Business Introvert. She helps introverts escape the noise and run their business their own way, which is a topic very close to my heart. Kathryn contacted me a few months ago and we knew we had to connect. Even if you aren’t an introvert, you may find her tips very useful.


Let’s not beat about the bush. If you’re introverted then you need regular quiet time, there should be no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it.

Unlike our extrovert counterparts who thrive in social situations and lively work environments, our bodies have an inbuilt need for peace and quiet in order to function effectively. (I should know – I’m not sure that even a sliver of extroversion exists in me!)

And the truth is that as someone who’s highly introverted, alone time means so much more to me than simply re-charging my batteries and finding my energy (though of course that is hugely important).

Through the wonderful power of daydreaming and reflection (don’t you just love a bit of window gazing?) it’s also how I access the creative part of my brain, process the world around me to find clarity, and get my problem solving head on to come up with solutions – all of which is pretty important when you’re running a biz!

But of course we all know that being your own boss can also be hugely time-consuming. With (deep breath!) emails to respond to, blog posts to write, meetings to attend, paperwork to file, courses to write, clients to speak to, social media to schedule, accounts to sort out and graphics to create…how do you actually run a business as an introvert without completely losing your marbles?

Well, just as with anything, I believe it’s about taking positive action to shape your business to suit your own specific needs and desires. You are the boss after all!

Below I have compiled 5 tips to help you ditch the overwhelm, clear your schedule, and find that all-important space to breathe.

If you’re anything like me, your body, mind AND business will be truly thankful.


Don’t fill your schedule with meetings

As an introvert, working to a jam-packed schedule that involves meeting people all day every day is a one-way ticket to exhaustville.

If meeting people either face-to-face or via Skype forms a core part of how you run your business then I highly recommend you schedule meeting-free days to recharge your batteries, focus on other tasks and reflect on your business.

Similarly, setting yourself limits on how many people you see in a day/week can be really helpful and will help stop you feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs doing.

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Are You an Ambivert?

December 3, 2014

I’m a self-proclaimed introvert, and I love taking the personality tests associated with such a term. However, I’ve found myself wondering the same thing a lot of people do- “This question really depends on the situation.”

While I’m both shy and an introvert, if I am put in a small group situation having to do with work, I often become the leader. Does that have more to do with my Type-A personality (high stress, tendency toward perfectionism)? Probably. But from that alone, you can see there are a variety of aspects that play a part in how we act. Continue Reading…


The Ultimate List of Signs You Might be an Introvert

June 25, 2014
might be an introvert

I’m all about harnessing and understanding your energy to make the most of your life and business. One of the easiest ways to understand how to maximize your energy is by understanding the difference between introverts and extroverts.

Being introverted doesn’t mean you’re never outgoing or that you’re anti-social. It just means you need alone time to recharge, i.e. get your energy from inner sources. Extroverts get energy from external sources. They both fall on a continuum, so you can probably have traits of both. Continue Reading…