Business Coaching

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Introverts in Business

Imagine this . . .

  • Selling (and SEO and social media and so on) that’s simple and authentic
  • Systems and funnels that market your business on autopilot
  • And dream clients lining up to work with you . . .

Sounds a bit like a business dream, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. Growing your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing, or complicated.

And you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. That’s where I come in.


“Danielle has been a true inspiration to work with. She has turned my dream of becoming a life coach and launching my own business into a reality. She is truly passionate about her work and puts time and care in each task that is given to her. I am beyond grateful to have her support and expertise when it comes to my business. If you are looking to stay educated on the most innovative technologies and have a competitive advantage when it comes to your technical support you MUST have Danielle apart of your team!”

— Morgan Northway, Life Coach + Blogger

After (too) many years spent figuring out the ins and outs of my own business, I quickly learned what would best help other women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground—and in front of the right people—with half the effort (and none of the frustration or tears).

As your business coach, I can help you cut through the clutter, market authentically to your audience, provide strategic and time-saving action steps, and keep you accountable every step of the way.

Let me help you get out of your own head and share some of what’s in mine. Here’s how:

Monthly Coaching Partnerships

The “experts” (and my own personal experience) say it takes at least 90 days to see real lasting change—with a new habit, with new systems, with building a devoted customer base, and more. And that’s my goal in our work together: to help you see real, lasting change in every aspect of your business.

I want you to start or upgrade your business so that it works for you—and for the people you serve!—and not the other way around.

I have two monthly coaching options to choose from, with options to work together for three months (the elusive 90 days!) or six months.

Each coaching partnership includes:

    • Comprehensive Pre-Kickoff Questionnaire
    • One Strategy Kick-off Call (1-hour)
    • Monthly Coaching Calls (1-hour)
    • Call Summaries, including:
      • Key points
      • Action steps
    • Weekly Email Check-ins, including:
      • Reviewing and/or revising action steps
      • Feedback and edits to any content, copy, strategy, and more
    • Additional Resources (as applicable), including:
      • Workbooks

But Danielle, what if I don’t need three whole months?
Can I pick your brain on just this one thing? Pretty please?

(Well, since you said please!)

Perhaps you’ve been in business for awhile now. Your systems are set. Your content is created. Your books are balanced. You just have one burning question—about SEO, about branding, about Facebook groups, or something else altogether.

I get it, I do. And I want to help you, too! So I’ve created one additional coaching option for those of you with just one problem to solve:

The Strategy Intensive

The Strategy Intensive is a two-hour coaching session where we dive deep into the one question or problem you’ve been struggling with in your business. Maybe you’ve wondered:

  • How do I find more of the right clients?
  • What is the best way to get people to read my blog?
  • Where can I network with like-minded entrepreneurs?

Whatever your big, burning question is, we will tackle it and come up with the perfect solution for you and your business in under two hours.

The Strategy Intensive includes:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Intensive Questionnaire
  • Two Hours of Strategic Coaching
  • A Follow-up Email Summary, with:
    • Research
    • Recommendations
    • Action Steps

Choose your own adventure, and find the option that is just right for you.

And listen, you could learn all of this yourself. Heck, I did! Or, instead of spending hours of your precious time and money Googling for the right answer, spending money on yet another online course, or watching YouTube videos to cobble something together . . . you could work with me.

In six months (or less), we will:

  • Utilize your unique strengths and personality to build your brand, find your ideal clients, and boost your productivity
  • Review and tweak your branding—including messaging, imagery, and more—to ensure it’s authentic and cohesive
  • Use a unique mix of coaching and consulting—including accountability, support, research, strategy, recommendations, and action steps—to help make your business (and your role in it) better than ever

Still want to tackle your business alone? I hope not. Because I’m here to take it on with you!

Your Investment:

  • 3 Months of One-on-One Coaching: $410 USD per month
  • 6 Months of One-on-One Coaching: $390 USD per month
  • 2-Hour Strategy Intensive: $325 USD


“Danielle was such a smart investment. I came to her with a vision of what I wanted to create and she helped me lay the framework by combing through the clutter to prioritize. As someone who tends to leap before looking she was the perfect yin to my yang, making sure I took the time to implement things that would set me up for success in the long run. I came to Danielle with all these ideas and concepts but she actually helped me move them from my head to the page and then out into real life!”

— Mary Sabo, Life Coach + Blogger

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“Danielle is wonderful to work with! She hears what your goals are and creates a plan specific to what you need. I saw results quickly that drew more clients to my website through her awesome SEO work. My business is growing and clients report how easy it is to find me online. I definitely recommend working with her!”

— Jessica Waclawski, Awaking Awareness

The very best investment you can make in your business is one that ensures it runs well; that each of the myriad parts—from newsletters to strategy sessions to sales funnels—are working together smoothly and strategically to market your work to the right people and allow you to focus on what you do best: YOUR WORK.