The 6-part actionable ecourse to optimize your site for search engines.  

Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • 6 video modules with downloads + cheat sheets
  • One lesson per week with HANDS ON work
  • Step-by-step directions to research + implement on-page SEO updates
  • Tips + directions for WordPress and Squarespace
  • Real-life examples
  • + much more!

By investing in SEO, you’re investing in finding the people who need what you have to offer . . . making it all the more likely that they’ll invest in you.

Your ideal clients are ALREADY searching. Help them find YOU.


“I've earned at least $35,000 this year directly related to Danielle's organic search optimization of my site. It's a vital piece of my marketing!“

Dr. Danielle Dowling - Life Coach, Psychologist + Blogger

Boost your sales while you sleep, organically.


The SEO FOR SOLOPRENEURS course will teach you the WHAT, WHY + HOW of optimizing your site and blog to get found, grow traffic & gain clients. WITHOUT the overwhelm + techie jargon.

MODULE 1: What, Why, How and When

SEO isn't a marketing "tactic," and the goal isn't to 'trick Google' into ranking you first. We'll cover the very basics + cover the real goals of search engine optimization.

MODULE 2: Keywords

Learn how to better reach your target audience by researching and integrating the right keywords into your website. We'll dig deep into the strategy + cover a variety of tools to make your life easier.

MODULE 3: On-Page Signals

What's a title tag? What's a meta description? Which are ACTUALLY going to make a difference? Learn the top on-page signals + how to update them effectively.

MODULE 4: Optimizing Images

Images are one of the most often forgotten aspects of SEO. Learn the best tips that just may boost you above your competition.  

MODULE 5: Content + Blogging

Did you know each page should have 300+ words? Or that each page should link to at least one other page within your site? Find out how to update + create stellar content. 

Module 6: Tracking Results

Don't be intimidated by all the data and complicated terms. Tracking results can help you continue to refine your SEO efforts. 

“Within a month my site traffic doubled and my organic site traffic was up too. I had more clients finding me through search, and I finally feel like my site is working for me.“ [based on a short jump-start project using my techniques]

Katie Bressack - Women’s Nutrition and Wellness Coach


Jessica Waclawksi

Relationship Counselor + Life Coach

“Danielle is wonderful to work with! She hears what your goals are and creates a plan specific to what you need. I saw results quickly that drew more clients to my website through her awesome SEO work. My business is growing and clients report how easy it is to find me online. I definitely recommend working with her!”

Laurie Brucker

Los Angeles Image Consultant

“Within just a week alone I had 3 new client inquiries and everyone said they found me via google search! And as more time has passed, more and more of my ideal clients are finding me and signing up for sessions. I couldn’t be more pleased with our work together and can’t wait to get started on our next project.”



Lisa Steadman

Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Mentor

“Within days of hiring Danielle, my blog got the attention of the editors at eHarmony! Within a month, I was writing for them and had recouped my investment in Danielle. She’s a dynamo. Savvy, dependable, amazing!”

A note from me..

Hi! I'm Danielle. 

My mission is to help you stand out (without stelling out) in a crowded online space. 

Doing your own SEO doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. Authentically promoting your website and attracting new clients isn’t about changing the way you write or who you inherently are—multi-passionate . . . introverted . . . addicted to coffee and Instagram. It’s about understanding the fundamentals of SEO, making small changes... but achieving big wins.  

I get it. I’ve been there. There are meta tags, keywords, organic traffic vs. paid traffic, H1 tags (and more!) to figure out. Building a thriving online space can understandably seem confusing and overwhelming. 

But I can help you build your online presence through authentic, organic, and easy-to-understand SEO strategies. Promise. Just check out some of the work I've done for other business owners, like you.

Investment: $297.00

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