Stitch Fix Review 8: What to Wear to a Conference

December 8, 2016
What to Wear to a Conference (Stitch Fix Review 2016)

I’ve had an interesting relationship with Stitch Fix over the past two and a half years.

Since starting in early 2014, I’ve gotten ten fixes overall (two I didn’t get a chance to do a full review on). I first started Stitch Fix because I wanted to start purchasing clothing more intentionally, as well as get help dressing for my body shape.

These days I use it more often to prepare for special events, important client meetings, and conferences.

Stitch Fix has saved me SO much time trying to figure out what to wear to a conference or event. (Don’t miss my 6 tips for what to wear to a conference toward the bottom of this post!)

Business picked up this year and I’d rather spend my little downtime relaxing instead of shopping for clothes. (But don’t get me wrong, I love clothes!)

Having a high-quality, expertly styled outfit also helps me feel more confident at these special events.

Overall, using Stitch Fix has helped me figure out my best color (navy blue) and be more comfortable trying different styles.

Despite every comment I submit warning, “Shirts that are too loose make me look like a giant rectangle,” they insist on continuing to send them, and I’ve fallen in love with quite a few (including one in this review).

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Sunday Link Love: Growing Instagram Followers, Building a Client List + Avoiding Burnout

December 4, 2016
Business Lifestyle Link Love

Loving these email scripts to help build a client list!

If you work from home, you know it can get lonely…especially during winter. Kayla Hollatz has 3 ideas to beat these winter blues. (I’ve already started doing #2 more!)

My days have been non-stop busy lately, so I’ve been relying on quick nutrient-rich meals like smoothies. I haven’t been a fan of beets since an ill-advised juicing experience, but this “Beet the Dragon” smoothie has me intrigued!

Speaking of busy days, anyone else get stuck in the burn-out cycle? This blog post and free download will help you change your habits and reclaim your evenings.

Writing a good introduction is SO hard sometimes! This simplified guide from Hubspot makes it much easier.

Wonder how some bloggers get thousands of Instagram followers? Charlie from The Runner Beans is dishing on how she got 20k followers in one year.

Putting yourself out there online can be such a challenge. It makes us vulnerable and open to criticism from complete strangers. Here are 10 helpful ways to deal.

You CAN grow your coaching business using Instagram. Here are 10 ways.

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SEO Basics: The Truth About Writing Meta Descriptions (Should you bother?)

November 18, 2016
SEO Basics: The Truth About Writing Meta Descriptions for Blog Posts. Should You Bother?

I’m going to be honest with you guys… meta descriptions are my least favorite part of SEO.

If you do a lot of blogging, you might be able to relate.

They’re so short and should be pretty easy to write, but yet when I get to that part of the post, I get annoyed. Anyone else?

BUT it’s still an important part of blogging, and I’ll tell you why.

Plus, I’ll give you 7 tips to easily write killer meta descriptions and make it all a little less painful!

What’s a Meta Description?

A meta description tells the reader of a search engine results page (SERP) what a particular page/link is about. It’s the short block of text you see under a link in search results.

The search engine either pulls a string of text from the page that closely matches the user’s search terms, or will display what’s been provided in the code of the page.

However, the meta-description is NOT used in ranking.

Why You Still Need Meta Descriptions

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SEO Basics: How to Write Powerful Title Tags for Traffic Growth

November 11, 2016
SEO Basics: How to Write Powerful Title Tags for Traffic Growth

So you’re saying title tags aren’t the same as blog post titles? I have MORE to worry about?!

Well, faithful blogger, yes and no… Let’s look at the benefits a few little tweaks can have on your traffic growth and rankings.

In most cases your page or post title will be automatically used for the title tag, but you could be missing a big SEO opportunity!

Writing a powerful title tag could mean the difference between being skimmed over versus getting those clicks on social media and search results.

Your target audience is already searching. Help them find your content!

By understanding the small updates you can make for on-page SEO, you can grow your blog traffic and reach more of the right people.

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • What’s a title tag?
  • How is it different from the title of a blog post?
  • Where title tags are displayed and where to edit them in WordPress and Squarespace
  • Why title tags are important
  • Tips for writing powerful title tags for click throughs
  • How to manually write title tags in WordPress
  • What to do if your Squarespace template doesn’t allow different title tags

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Sunday Link Love: Healthy Fall Recipes + Instagram Content Tips

November 6, 2016
Business Lifestyle Link Love

Kaila from Healthy Helper is on a roll with delicious, healthy fall recipes! Check out her Pumpkin Power Cookies and round-up of fall drinks.

I love butternut squash, and I love quesadillas. But I never thought to put them together!

Did you know updating your old blog posts is a GREAT idea and something I do all the time? See what Pinch of Yum has to say (along with their September income report…always fascinating!)

Not sure what to post on Instagram? Hootsuite has the 6 types of content that work.

Know the content you want to use, but not how to style those perfect Instagram flatlays? This guide will help!

If you’re not getting the results you want from your content, read this post on why your content sucks and how to make it better.

Launching an ecourse (like I just did!)? Read this first: 38 Things Nobody Talks About When Launching An Online Course

Love love love this! It doesn’t feel great when people unsubscribe. That’s natural. But here’s why you shouldn’t care.

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SEO Basics: 6 Steps to Optimize Images on Your Blog

October 30, 2016
SEO Basics: 6 Ways to Optimize Images on Your Blog

You know it’s important to include images on your website, but did you know they can actually hurt your SEO if you don’t optimize images?

In fact, it’s said that each additional second it takes your website to load you lose 7% of conversions (aka downloads, sales, etc.) twitter icon

There are a few simple things you should do before you even upload your image, and a few things you can do after it’s uploaded to further optimize for search engines.

Not only will these actions help with SEO, but they also help you organize your images in your media library AND help with visitor retention.

Visitors will only stick around for about 3 seconds on a desktop and 5 seconds on mobile waiting for your page to load before they go elsewhere. Not only that, but the new page load goal is down to 2 seconds.

So you can see that page load speed is an important ranking factor for Google and important for user experience!

Word of caution: You don’t need to delete all of your old images and start over. If you do this, you risk ending up with a lot of broken links directing to your site. You can upload a new image and keep the old one in your media library, install a WordPress plugin to compress images, or work with a developer to minimize page load speed in other ways.

Let’s dig in to the main 6 ways you can optimize your images for SEO.

6 Steps to Optimize Images on Your Website

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Sunday Link Love: Brand Foundation + Effective Instagram Captions

October 23, 2016
Business Lifestyle Link Love

Having a strong brand foundation is SO important.
(P.S. Did you know even SEO plays a part in your branding foundation?)

Are your Instagram captions effective?

Love this topic! How your personality affects how you run your business.

I’m a DIY designer for most things, so this post with tips on how to avoid common mistakes is helpful!

Looking for free stock photos? (who isn’t?) This post has over 50 sites to choose from.

Not sure how other bloggers are making money? Check out this post with 5 ways to monetize your blog.

I love finding inspiration outside my own industry. Here’s a list of non-creative podcasts for creatives to do just that!

If you’re constantly feeling distracted and in need of a productivity boost, these 10 productivity apps might be the solution. I’ve used all but two on this list (I use Buffer instead of Edgar), and can attest to it being a great list!  Continue Reading…


SEO Basics: How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Attract Your Ideal Clients

October 17, 2016
SEO Basics: How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Attract Your Ideal Clients

I know what you may be thinking, “First there are keywords, now long tail keywords?! There’s just too much to learn for SEO.”

At least, that’s an exact response I got from a client. So chances are, plenty of others feel the same!

But don’t be intimidated by all the different SEO phrases you hear. 

Once it’s broken down and you understand the purpose, it’ll all come much more naturally.

When you first get an idea for anything from a new business down to a new blog post, doing a bit of keyword research can go a long way.

Keyword research can help you learn how to better phrase your topic, questions your audience has around the topic, the general popularity of a keyword phrase, and much more.

Long tail keywords are researched in the same way, but help you dig deeper and reach a more specific audience (*ehm* more qualified leads).

People are already searching for your solutions, so why not meet them halfway and help them find you in the search results?

When doing your research, keep in mind that there’s a difference between targeting vague and specific terms. This is where “long term keywords” come in.

Let’s say you’re a wellness coach helping women. Researching “wellness” vs. “wellness coach” vs. “wellness coach for women” could show misleading results.

Sure, “wellness” will have more monthly average searches, but those people could be searching for millions of different reasons. It could be a man searching for a new doctor, a child doing research for health class, or any number of other searches that aren’t in your target audience.

However, someone searching “wellness coach for women” is much more likely to be a highly qualified lead.

It’ll be a smaller percentage of people who know that’s what they want and need, but those who DO are so much closer to the buying stage.

So let’s break down what long tail keywords mean and how you can optimize your website and blog posts for them.

What are long tail keywords?

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Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Mia Bell: From Med School to Beauty Industry

October 14, 2016
Mia Bell From Med School to Beauty Industry

This interview is part of the Chasing Dreams interview series. I’ve interviewed a variety of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have chosen a different path in life in order to go after his or her dream career. Have an entrepreneur in mind you’d like to learn more about? Let me know!

Mia Bell is an entrepreneur who completely switched paths to pursue her dreams. She was studying to be an eye doctor when a professor unknowingly sparked the flame that would later become her passion and business helping natural, organic beauty and lifestyle brands get their spots on store shelves (and thrive when they get there).

So many of us are afraid to listen to our gut, thinking what we’d love to do is too hard, too late, or too different. But what’s the cost of not trying?

Mia’s story is proof that you can change directions, no matter where you are in the process.

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SEO Basics: How to do Keyword Research & 3 Free Tools

October 5, 2016
SEO Basics Keyword Research Tools

If someone asked you what you know about SEO, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Most people say it has something to do with keywords.

But there’s a lot of confusion about what to target, how to target, how to research, and so on. It can quickly become overwhelming and causes many people to give up.

But here’s the thing. Keyword research doesn’t need to be that hard!

I’ll show you how. Let’s dig into the basics of how to effectively research and target keywords on your site and blog.

What’s a keyword or keyword phrase?
  • Keywords are the words or phrases that describe your site.
  • They are what people might type into a search engine to pull up your website or blog post.
  • A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that is really specific, detailed, long, etc.
    • A more detailed phrase such as “highly rated holistic health coach for women” rather than “holistic health coach”
    • A question such as “how can I find good keywords for my blog posts?”


Pssst… Would you rather get step-by-step video instructions & cheat sheets? Click here.


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