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Find Motivation to Exercise with these 5 Foolproof Tips (for the Busy Type-A Woman)

November 29, 2017
how to find the motivation to exercise for busy Type-A women

Today’s guest post is from Karen Broda, who’s previously been on the blog to teach us how getting more sleep will improve productivity and happiness. Today she’s breaking down the best tips to find the motivation to exercise, even when you think you don’t have time.

I’m SO guilty of “Screw the workout, I’m in a work-zen mode!” It was often my go-to when I did CrossFit, to be honest. But exercise is vital for creative entrepreneurs, so I’ve been working hard to prioritize it. We need to feel our best to do our best work, after all!

Read on to see what 5 steps Karen suggests to help combat the urge to ditch your workouts.

5 steps to find the motivation to exercise

(regardless of time and energy)

You’re a crazy busy, Type-A woman and often the first thing to go is your workout.

I get it, that’s me as well. And at one time I felt like I could never manage work, hobbies, life, healthy eating, and consistent workouts. Why? Because I wanted (and NEEDED) to do everything. But when our sleep, mood, mental game, strength, and confidence all start to suffer when we DON’T make time to eat healthily and get to the gym, I’d say it’s time for action!

Whether its motivation, time, energy, or just being “too busy”, I have a solution for each that will get you working out every time. And a strong and fit body means a strong and sharp mind, right?

Read on for my 5 foolproof work out tips! 

Step 1 | Schedule your workout

“Wake-up early to workout” is sh*t. 

Why force yourself to become a morning person if you aren’t one? Or maybe your mornings are spent churning out great content and zipping through emails when your mind is at its freshest.

Instead, schedule your workout when you feel the most awake and fueled, whether that’s at 10 pm or 1 pm.

The real secret here is to plan it for the same (relative) time every day and ACTUALLY SCHEDULE IT INTO YOUR DAY, like any other meeting or work priority.

Also by scheduling it before or after another reoccurring event in your day (ex. lunch, before bed, etc.) will create a cue for your fitness habit, meaning you’ll never “forget” to workout.

(Think this is easier said than done? I got you, read on).


Step 2 | In fact, schedule your whole day

With a workout time set for the same relative time every day, things don’t always go as planned; writing content takes longer than scheduled or you get held up at your day job and now you’re running an hour behind. Solution?

If you know you have a back-back scheduled day coming up, then you better be scheduling out your entire day down to the last little minute.

This schedule better include your workout time AND “buffer zones” to account for unexpected emergencies. The secret: be disciplined and stick to your schedule.

Don’t allow yourself to go past your allotted time for posting to social media or you won’t have time to accommodate urgent, unexpected tasks. And we know that your workout is the first thing to go when we “run out of time.

(Have days packed with meetings that it seems impossible to even find time to eat? You can still make it work, I’ll show you how).

motivation to exercise

Step 3 | Fit in short workouts where you can

Every bit of exercise counts.

I’ve had days where my day is completely packed with back-back client meetings. Since I am one to not forgo sleep for a workout (I need to be awake and at my best to kickass at work and in front of clients), I’ll search for small blocks of time throughout the day when I can squeeze in a workout.

45-minute break before a dinner meeting? Perfect. That means I have 20 minutes to run sprints, 5 minutes to cool down, 5 minutes to shower, 10 minutes to speedily get ready, and 5 minutes to compose myself before the dinner meeting.

Every little bit of fitness counts. You don’t need to do a full hour work out just to see results. You’re efficient and hardworking in your business, so it’s time to be like that in your workouts too.

(A busy week and now you have 0 energy nor motivation? We can change that.)

Step 4 | Push through mental exhaustion

The end of the day comes and you’re “tired” and your motivation is low. Unless you’re truly exhausted because you’ve been physically active all week or you’ve been neglecting sleep, then you DO HAVE the energy to workout. But how do you activate it?

Stop your brain from even considering options other than exercising. The only thought you should have is to get your workout in. If you start to consider your to-do list you’ll either;

a.) Get overwhelmed by all the things you need to still do or;

b.) Everything on your list will seem WAY more exciting than working out and that workout will never happen.

Stay as focused on your workout as you are in your business, and you’ll become strong in no time.

(But is your workout really more important than work and life? Oh yes it is.)

fight mental exhaustion to stick with your workout schedule

Step 5 | Stop throwing your schedule into the wind

You may already schedule your day down to the minute since you’re Type-A and a bit obsessive about being organized, but how often have you scheduled in your workout only to “get in a groove” at work and end up throwing your schedule to the wayside? “Screw the workout, I’m in a work-zen mode!”, you say. Bad move lady!

Your health and “me time” is way more important than a lot of work tasks, no matter what “flow” you’re in.

You know as well as me, that when you treat your body well (such as regular workouts) you feel better, sleep better, and perform better at work. So make WORKING-OUT A NON-NEGOTIABLE and use the amount of discipline you use in your business each day in sticking with your workouts.


Now your turn, how often have you said, “I have no time to workout” but really meant something else?

How can you now “find the time” to workout?


About Karen Broda 

Ever feel like you’re strong, capable, and can work to no-end on your business, but your body doesn’t quite match? If only you could manage a hectic schedule AND have the strength and stamina to enjoy life!

Well, it is possible, let me show you how!

I’ve given you my strategies in finding time to workout in a busy day, but what about those out-of-town conferences? I got you! Learn my 5 secrets on how I never lose my fitness progress when out of town. Get these 5 guaranteed strategies NOW!

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Karen is an IDFA Canada Bikini Pro, and 3-time, top 5-finisher with INBF Canada.

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