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Find Motivation to Exercise with these 5 Foolproof Tips (for the Busy Type-A Woman)

November 29, 2017
how to find the motivation to exercise for busy Type-A women

Today’s guest post is from Karen Broda, who’s previously been on the blog to teach us how getting more sleep will improve productivity and happiness. Today she’s breaking down the best tips to find the motivation to exercise, even when you think you don’t have time.

I’m SO guilty of “Screw the workout, I’m in a work-zen mode!” It was often my go-to when I did CrossFit, to be honest. But exercise is vital for creative entrepreneurs, so I’ve been working hard to prioritize it. We need to feel our best to do our best work, after all!

Read on to see what 5 steps Karen suggests to help combat the urge to ditch your workouts.

5 steps to find the motivation to exercise

(regardless of time and energy)

You’re a crazy busy, Type-A woman and often the first thing to go is your workout.

I get it, that’s me as well. And at one time I felt like I could never manage work, hobbies, life, healthy eating, and consistent workouts. Why? Because I wanted (and NEEDED) to do everything. But when our sleep, mood, mental game, strength, and confidence all start to suffer when we DON’T make time to eat healthily and get to the gym, I’d say it’s time for action!

Whether its motivation, time, energy, or just being “too busy”, I have a solution for each that will get you working out every time. And a strong and fit body means a strong and sharp mind, right?

Read on for my 5 foolproof work out tips! 

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What to Eat When You’re Feeling Wiped Out & Need Energy

November 1, 2017

Today’s guest post is from Jess Cording, registered dietitian, and health coach. She’s been on the blog before to help us cut back on caffeine (without losing our minds) and how to meal prep when you work from home.

Staying healthy and sane as an entrepreneur is so important to me, so I love having Jess share her tips!


Sleep deprivation is something too many of us are familiar with.

I’m a dietitian and health coach who works with people in the corporate setting as well as with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs trying to squeeze in life and work with their passion projects. For many of us, late nights and early mornings are routine.

I’ve struggled with this too!

It’s so tempting to sneak in one last tweet, one last edit, one last email—naturally, this leads to an hours-worth (at least!) of extra stuff that really could have waited for the next day. Waking up early to work out before diving into a crazy day has many benefits, but can also cause us to skimp on quality sleep time.

Between hectic schedules, work and life stress (no, there is no such thing as balance), and non-stop electronic use, many of us just laugh at the idea of getting those recommended 7-8 hours a night.

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How to Tame the Caffeine Beast Without Losing Your Mind

October 4, 2017
how to cut back on caffeine

Entrepreneurs are known for running on coffee, right? How else would we get anything done?!

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with caffeine for years. Sometimes I build up a tolerance and suddenly realize I’m consuming way too much every day. Other times, for seemingly no real reason, more than one cup of coffee will trigger a migraine. But I do know that I love my morning coffee and that caffeine can have some benefits.

Today’s guest post is from Jess Cording, registered dietitian and health coach. She’s breaking down how to cut back on caffeine without cutting it out completely, so you can still enjoy the positive benefits of it.


Coffee always has—and likely always will be—my vice of choice.

I shouldn’t even call it a vice. Coffee has actually been noted for an array of health benefits, and talking over coffee or tea is an important social connector.

A small to moderate dose of caffeine can make you feel more alert, energetic, focused, and upbeat.  It’s also been shown to help the body perform better during exercise and has been associated with enhanced short-term memory, reduced risk of certain diseases, and improved long-term cognitive function.  

Like many good things, however, too much can turn into a bad situation (cue the caffeine jitters and withdrawal headaches), so finding your sweet spot is key.

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The Surprising Business Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

September 6, 2017
the surprising business benefits of hiring a health coach

Today’s post is from Kate Tarratt Cross, a health coach dedicated to helping people make simple changes to boost energy and live better.

I work with many coaches and wellness entrepreneurs, and even have a holistic health coaching certificate myself, so I’ve asked Kate to share what helped her the most to get started as a health coach. The answer might surprise you!


It’s so brave to choose entrepreneurship as a life journey, but I’m sure every entrepreneur out there will tell you that it’s not always easy. Many entrepreneurs are in charge of doing everything in the business themselves, so the hours in the day are just never long enough.

For most entrepreneurs, each day is a roller coaster of unexpected and sometimes “bipolar” type emotions, which run from elation to complete lack of confidence. To top it off there is a health revolution happening and we are now constantly bombarded with “healthy advice” or comparisons to make you feel like you aren’t doing enough to have that beautiful boundless energy or small waistline.

Does this sound like you? You want to get fit and healthy, but your hectic schedule and bombardment of health ads and information leave you overwhelmed.

Many people sign up for a gym membership with the hopes of turning their lives around once and for all. Just signing up leaves us with a sense of accomplishment, right?

We do this with every intention of visiting the gym regularly, only to find, a few short weeks later we start making more and more excuses to skip. The visits get fewer and fewer, stopping altogether for some. While the gym payments keep exiting your account, you’re in the meantime getting more stressed trying to make ends meet while your business takes off.

This is what happened to me, despite being an avid gym-goer all my life! So believe me, it can happen to anyone.

In order to maintain my health while still dedicating long hours to starting my business, I knew I needed a more sustainable approach to health and wellness.

So that’s why I’d like to share with you why I ditched my gym membership and took on a health coach, and how I could never have gotten my business up and running without one.

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Meal Prep Made Easy: The Work From Home Survival Guide

August 23, 2017
meal prep made easy: the work from home survival guide

When you’re running your own empire, it can be hard to fit in the basics like sleeping enough and eating well.

We usually think about meal-prepping as a thing for people who work in an office, but it can actually save you time and money when you work from home too.

I’m Jess Cording, a dietitian, health coach, and writer, and I do most of my work from home. When my #wfh clients (had no idea that hashtag was even a thing until recently) ask if they should still do to the #mealprep thing, my answer is always an enthusiastic, “Totally!”

When I first started working more from home, I’d cook from scratch every morning, noon, and night. When you factored in prep time, eating time, and the Instagramming my #lunchbreak time (sad, maybe, but comes with the food blogger-dietitian territory), it’s no wonder maintaining momentum was a struggle.

Be honest, have you ever found yourself on a call trying to do the dishes or chop vegetables as quietly as possible as 2 pm?

Um, yeah, me neither.

Having lived that reality, I’ve found prepping food ahead of time to be incredibly helpful, and my clients who’ve tried it have too. You don’t have to do the massive spreads you see on social media.

Here’s how some slight tweaks can help you make food prepping work for you so you can enjoy healthy, delicious meals that are quick to throw together.

You’ll also enjoy simple pleasures like real plates and utensils and without having to hunt for a comfortable spot in the cafeteria. 

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How to Stop Snacking Your Day Away When You Work From Home

May 17, 2017
How to Stop Snacking When You Work From Home

I think we’ve all been there… repeated trips to the kitchen to procrastinate a project, grabbing whatever snack is available because we’re too busy to eat a full meal, or any variation of the two extremes.

As solopreneurs and business owners, we deal with a lot of extra stress.

Not only are we doing the client work or creating a product, but we’re also in charge of figuring out taxes, business laws, branding, and so much more. And of course that’s not all; we still have family and friends, hobbies and our health to juggle.

Despite a fully balanced life being a myth, if we neglect one area for too long it can start wreaking havoc elsewhere in our lives. For many of us, it ends up being our health that takes a backseat to work. But when we allow this to go on for too long, our health starts to creep up in unpleasant ways.

Today’s post is from Samantha Russell, an Eating Psychology coach. We’ve heard from Samantha on the blog before when she tackled how being mindful can help your business.

She’s sharing why so many of us resort to snacking throughout the day, what we can do to stop, and how this shift will benefit our health and our businesses.


Do you ever feel like your eating is out of control?

Like you snack too much, choose foods you know don’t work for you, or eat way past “comfortably full” at meals – especially since you took the leap and started your own online business or began working from home?

You might have become dependent on food to get through your day as an online entrepreneur.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with snacking or enjoying your food. But when your eating feels out of control, your food choices are stressing you out, or you’re eating foods that aren’t good for you, you’re going to struggle with:

  • Low mood or mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Less energy
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of creativity
  • Drained motivation
  • Decreased self-confidence

All of which are obviously going to negatively impact how you’re able to run your online business.

Unwanted eating can feel so frustrating

At some point on this unwanted eating journey, you’ve definitely wondered “Why do I do this to myself?”

Repeatedly, you tell yourself that you’ll only snack on veggies and hummus and that you’re not going to buy Oreo’s anymore because they give you indigestion.

But, by the end of the day, treat foods feel like all the support you’ve got to get through those tough lady-boss moments.

You’re so driven and accomplished in so many ways, so why is this food thing impossible for you to control?

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How Getting More Sleep Will Improve Productivity + Happiness

May 3, 2017
How Getting More Sleep Will Improve Productivity & Happiness

How many of us wear our sleep-deprived achievements as a badge of honor? Or reason with ourselves that getting just a few more tasks done is worth pushing our bedtime back just a little further

Even if you know how important sleep is, there’s still a chance you’re not prioritizing it highly… (I know I’m not!)

But what if you could achieve more in less time? What if you could feel happier while doing it?

Not only is this possible, but there are tons of scientific studies to back up the claims.

Today’s post is from Karen Broda, who blogs over at Strong and Smart. She helps strong, smart busy professional women get past the emotional and mental barriers that prevent us from reaching our wellness goals, which is a topic very close to my heart. Karen contacted me a few months ago and we knew we had to connect.

I also recently mentioned my love for the book The Sleep Revolution, so the timing of this post is perfect!

Karen breaks down how getting more sleep will improve productivity and happiness… and maybe even lead to that big promotion at work like it did for her! Or what about that creative breakthrough you’ve been waiting for?

We’ve Been Approaching Sleep Entirely the Wrong Way

Sleep is important. We know that 7-8 hours per night is supposedly the magic number, but who really gets that much each night? Between running your own business, seeing family and friends, and managing other life priorities, I’m sure you’ve managed on less sleep.

But what if I told you getting “enough sleep” isn’t just important, it’s crucial for your immediate and long term health? And what if you could actually get more done in a day if you slept longer? Preposterous? Maybe not….

My new found relationship with sleep

A few years ago I was always exhausted in the evenings, no energy to do much of anything after working all day. I figured this was just due to tough 6 am workouts followed by a day of work. But then the exhaustion every night led to a short temper, a consistently foggy mind, and frustration with being tired all the time (even on weekends)!

I decided to start ignoring my alarm to wake “naturally”… waking up when my body was ready to get up, not by blaring alarm. My new wake-up time started to become 7 am (over an hour later!) yet I still managed to fit in my workout, work a full day, plus have the time and energy to enjoy my evenings (and weekends!).

I was more enjoyable to be around, could easily smile all day long, and my brain became sharp again which led to a job promotion (yippee!). Was this emotional and career success really the result of a little extra sleep each day?

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4 Benefits of Simplifying Your Life

March 30, 2016
Simplifying Life

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve probably noticed my attempts at simplifying my life (such as here, here, and here).

For me it’s been an ongoing task that requires frequent reminders and resets. But that’s okay! That’s life.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot again (maybe that urge to spring clean?). Not only in regards to physical objects, but also in regards to my business and obligations, as Jennifer mentions in number two below. Danielle Dowling recently asked, “Of everything on your to-do list, what could you live without?” that really made me stop and think.

So I’m excited to have Jennifer Scott from Spirit Finder on the blog today reminding us of the invaluable benefits of simplifying your life, plus plenty of tips to help us get there.


Many people tout the benefits of simplifying your life. On the surface, living a minimalist lifestyle may not sound appealing to everyone. But the many benefits to be gained from simplifying your life might just change your mind.

1 | Simplify Your Life to Save Money

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How to Fit Exercise into Your Crazy-Busy Schedule

March 23, 2016
Fit Exercise Into Busy Schedule

Running my own business often requires me to make tough choices about which tasks get the highest priority. Unfortunately, this often results in my health and fitness getting bumped further and further down the list when something urgent rolls in. (and everything business-related feels URGENT, right?)

Being active and fit is not only great for your mental health, happiness, and overall well-being, but in turn benefits your business. This is why I’m so pleased to have Jennifer McGregor on the blog today.

She’s sharing 5 tips for busy entrepreneurs like you and me to manage our time and fit great workouts in on a regular basis. #4 is the tip that’s helped me the most. At the beginning of each week I try to schedule in which CrossFit classes I’ll attend.

Please welcome Jennifer and read on for her super helpful tips.


Every woman wants to be healthy and fit, but finding the time to work out every day is easier said than done when you’re a busy, working professional. It’s a gripe shared by many working women these days who recognize the value of exercise in their daily routines yet can’t seem to squeeze out a precious extra hour or two each day. We can’t put more hours in a day, but we can find creative ways to burn some calories and fit in a workout despite a busy schedule.

Here are 5 exercise tips for the busy, working woman: Continue Reading…

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Foods to Eat for Better Sleep + Greater Productivity

February 10, 2016

Last year I set two goals for myself. One was to not work on the weekends and the other was to get seven or more hours of sleep each night. There have been some bumpy moments along the way, but for the most part, I’ve managed to stick to these two rules. And let me tell you, the difference is HUGE. 

My energy levels are up. My productivity levels are up. My ability to focus is way up. So you can see how this would have a direct impact on business.

This is why I’m so excited to have our guest author, Jill Merkel, here today to talk to us about how your diet can affect sleep quality. Because not only do we want between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every night, we want those hours to be restful and rejuvenating. Jill is a Registered Dietitian, so she definitely knows her stuff. Read on to find out more about the foods you should eat for a better sleep.


Sleep is so important for the body and may be the first thing to go from the “to do” list when life gets busy. Some even wear their poor sleep habits as a “badge of honor,” re-emphasizing how busy they are or their lack of need for much sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for adults by the National Sleep Foundation is 7-9 hours. It’s not recommended to get less than 6 hours or more than 10 hours. A consistent sleep routine is better than a sporadic sleep pattern.

What Sleep Does For You

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