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7+ Super-Simple Social Media Contest Ideas to Gain More Followers

October 12, 2017
simple social media contest ideas to gain followers

Running a social media contest is a fantastic way to gain followers, connect with your audience in a fun way, increase interaction, &/or promote a new product or service you’re launching.

You’ll want to bookmark this post as I’ve included:

  • Guidelines to keep your contests legal
  • 7+ easy-to-implement ideas {27 actually!!}
  • My top tips for hosting a successful social media contest
  • Selecting your winners
  • Giveaway prize ideas

I find myself recommending social media contests to clients more and more, so I wanted to share some quick ideas to jump-start your interactions and following.

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Pinterest for Business: My Secret Weapon for Growth (+ Free Checklist)

August 17, 2016
Pinterest for Business: My Secret Weapon for Growth & Free Pinterest Checklist

Just like any other social media platform, you have to stay visible (connected) to see growth.

Once you have a strong foundation set up, optimize your blog posts, think like your audience and check out your analytics, you’re ready to take the final step: automation.

Automation, in terms of pinning, comes in the form of scheduling tools. But the tools available go SO much further than just scheduling a post for the future…

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • Two tools to schedule your pins and repins
  • My secret weapon for Pinterest growth
  • Why you should be looping your pins + how to set it up
  • How to check for broken links on your Pinterest boards
  • Quick stats to boost your Pinterest for Business game

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How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Blog Traffic

August 5, 2016
How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Just joining the Pinterest for Business series or need a refresher? Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

I realized recently that I wasn’t taking full advantage of my potential reach on Pinterest. I doubled my traffic with a few simple image updates in the past, so I kind of settled and divided my attention on improving other social media channels.

This was a huge mistake. What is it about working on and promoting your own business that makes opportunities so hard to see?

Seriously. This is why I hire coaches, and why I coach others. It’s so much easier to see the big picture when it’s not your own.

Anyway! With a few simple changes, I’ve been able to start growing my Pinterest account and referral traffic steadily each month. Right now Pinterest makes up 85% of my social referral traffic and about 36% of my total website traffic each month.

For transparency’s sake, my monthly website traffic is around 6,000 visitors on average.

I’m all about finding the right audience through inbound methods. (aka non-salesy marketing that’s introvert-friendly!)

So after taking a look at the improvements I’ve made on Pinterest, I decided to share everything I’ve learned in a FREE blog series.

We’ve covered the basics of set-up, optimization and strategy so far, but now it’s time to dig deeper into the analytics.

Keeping regular tabs on stats is the #1 missing piece I experience with clients, so take notes!

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • Glossary of terms for Pinterest Analytics
  • How to get the most out of your Pinterest Analytics
  • Case Study: Examples of how I could improve from my own analytics

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Pinterest for Business: How to Find the Best Days & Times to Pin

July 21, 2016
Pinterest for Business: How to Find the Best Days and Times to Pin

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared how to set up your Pinterest for Business account and how to optimize your blog posts.

But those steps are only the foundation.

I first increased my Pinterest referral traffic (doubled my traffic, actually!) by updating my blog post images, but the next step is to get strategic. How can I reach more of my audience on Pinterest? When is my tribe looking for information?

Whether you’re just getting started or already have an audience, a little strategic planning and analysis can go a long way.

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • What to consider for the best days and times to Pin to Pinterest
  • Types of content that do best on each day of the week
  • What is the Pinterest Smart Feed?

Find the Best Days & Times to Pin

Is there really a ‘best time’ to pin? Continue Reading…

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How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Pinterest

July 15, 2016
How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Pinterest

Last week we focused on setting up and optimizing your Pinterest for Business account.

Quick recap for setting up & optimizing your account:

  • Make sure your Pinterest account is a business account. Create a new one or convert your current one.
  • Link and confirm your blog URL so your account and pins look more professional
  • Add a Save or Pin-It button to your blog posts (more options below for custom Pin-It buttons)
  • Write your bio for your audience. What’s the benefit to the visitor?
  • Create and organize your boards in order of relevance to your audience.

Once your account is set up and optimized, it’s time to make your blog posts Pinterest-ready.

Not only will these tips help you get more people pinning from each post, but they’ll help you stand out on Pinterest to get more repins and brand recognition.

5 Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Pinterest

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How to Set Up + Optimize your Pinterest for Business Account

July 6, 2016
How to Set Up and Optimize Your Pinterest for Business Account

Let me be honest… I took a long break from Pinterest. Like over a year maybe.

At the end of 2014 I started getting more strategic with my business Pinterest account. I updated the photos of a few top blog posts and pinned the new versions.

Spending no more than a few hours ended up doubling my blog traffic and increasing my Pinterest referrals by 750%.

Instead of capitalizing on this and improving more, I settled and focused on other areas. (Oops.)

But after digging deep into my stats and testing out new tips, I’m loving the platform again.

Fast forward to today, Pinterest makes up 85% of my social referral traffic and about 36% of my total website traffic.

Join me over the next few weeks as I share everything I’ve learned.

It’s time to up your Pinterest for Business game, too!

Why use Pinterest for business?

  • 93% of Pinterest users say that Pinterest has influenced their purchase decisions 1
  • 84% of Pinterest users say they’re the primary decision makers in their households 1
  • Pinterest users are looking for advice and inspiration to plan projects (from personal to business) 1

5 Tips to Set Up + Optimize a Pinterest Business Account

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • Should you have separate personal and business Pinterest accounts?
  • How to create a new account or convert an existing account to Business
  • How to confirm your blog URL in your Pinterest Business account
  • How to add a Pinterest Save Button to your website
  • How to write a bio for your Pinterest business account
  • How to decide what Pinterest boards to include
  • How to best organize your Pinterest boards

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Where to Find Feminine Styled Stock Photos for Free or Cheap (+ Free Resource Download)

February 24, 2016
Where to find feminine styled stock photos for free or cheap

If you’ve been following along with my blog for the past few months you may have noticed more of my images with a pretty desktop background (like below):

Weekly Steps to Improve Your Business

These beautiful desk-scapes are part of what’s referred to as styled stock photos. They’re generally an arrangement of themed objects in a photo that you can then add your own branding and wording on.

The images you use on your blog and for social media can have a huge impact on your social shares and the overall perception of your brand.

Images can increase customer engagement in general by about 40%, and customers who identify with your brand are twice as likely to buy. twitter icon

With all the work you put into your company, your brand deserves to stand out with high quality, consistently branded images.

Thankfully you don’t need to spend a fortune. The sites below are some of the best I’ve found for high quality, low cost styled stock photos.

14 Places to Find Great Styled Stock Photo

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Social Media Tracking Worksheet (Free!) + My Numbers for 2015

January 20, 2016
Free Social Media Tracking Worksheet Download

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers give a behind-the-scenes look at how they did during 2015, and I think it’s a great idea.

Last week I reviewed the Top 5 Ways I Grew My Blog Traffic in 2015 with a quick peek at my growth stats.

We all get certain ideas of what someone’s business must be like. We might see what looks like a huge, successful launch, but not realize the 18 hour days that went into producing it.

We might see coaches saying they’ve made 6-figures, but don’t see the $30k they invested to get there.

My point is, the story isn’t always clear, and everyone takes their own path to get there.

My social followings are pretty modest, but my business is consistently booked.

So this is just my word of caution to: Continue Reading…

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Beginner’s Guide to Twitter: Hashtags, Lists, Analytics + Chats {Part 2}

September 2, 2015
Twitter Hashtags, Lists, Analytics + Chats

Twitter is a social network that people tend to either love or hate (or just not understand). It’s one of my personal favorites for the speed of communicating, but many clients question the value.

Not every social network is appropriate for each person or business, so I’m breaking down how to get the most out of Twitter.

In the Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Part One we discussed:

  • Why entrepreneurs should be using Twitter
  • Best practices for setting up your profile
  • What, when, and how often to post
  • How to gain Twitter followers
  • The difference between a retweet and a favorite

Now we’re going to dive into hashtags, lists, analytics and chats so you can step up your game for business.

How should you use hashtags on Twitter?

Hashtags allow people to view all the tweets around a certain topic and interact with others with a similar interest.

Use your hashtags wisely, though. If you use too many it will junk up your tweet and distract from your actual message. You should also really think about your hashtags (on Twitter and Instagram). Are people actually searching on that topic? Are you just adding it to get likes, in which case, are they quality likes (qualified leads)?

  • Events: If you’re attending a conference/trade show/etc there’s a good chance there’s a hashtag for it.
  • Trending Topics: Join a trending conversation and stay up to date on what people are tweeting most about
  • Locations: Find people close to you, find things to do when traveling, etc.
  • Popular Themes: For the health and wellness world, some popular hashtags include things like #MeatlessMonday and #MondayMotivation.

Hashtag Tools

  • Keyhole: Conversation / hashtag tracker for Twitter and Instagram
  • Find similar hashtags
  • Tagboard: Monitor hashtags in a nice, visual way

What are Twitter Lists?

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