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14 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your (New) Blog

July 19, 2017

I get this question all the time: “How do I get people to read my blog?”

Whether you’ve just started a blog or you’ve been blogging for a while, you can’t just expect people to find you without any effort on your part!

Once you’ve got (at least) a handful of value-packed posts, driving traffic to a new blog, or boosting traffic to an existing one, involves three main activities: community building, SEO, and promotion.

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How to Be More Productive by Improving Your Morning Routine

July 12, 2017
how to be more productive by changing your morning routine

As I always say, when you feel your best, you’ll do your best.

Morning routines are a key part of that.

Today’s post is from Julie Bourbeau who’s sharing how, as a single mom and entrepreneur, she was able to change her morning routine and learn to live and work smarter (not harder) after landing in the hospital.

I think we can all learn important lessons from this post! And who isn’t trying to be more productive?


Up until 15 months ago, here’s what my weekday mornings would look like:

I would get up at 7:20 am, grab a coffee, get the kids ready for school, fix breakfast, get the kids on the school bus, and then get to work.

As a single mom and entrepreneur, I had become all about getting as much done as possible, in as little time as possible, running myself into the ground and to the point where, in December of 2015, I landed in the hospital with muscle spasms due to stress.

I vowed right there and then to slow down and to find a way to live and work smarter, not harder. I even went so far as to not set any goals for 2016… That’s how much I wanted to slow down!

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7 Unusual & Common SEO Myths You Can Safely Ignore

July 5, 2017
7 SEO Myths You Can Safely Ignore

There are SO many free tips and tricks online for anything you could possibly want.

And while having access to any answer you want is awesome, it can also be tricky to sort out what’s true.

Especially when it comes to something like SEO, which is often seen as intimidating and is evolving all the time, it can be hard to keep up.

So let me save you the time! I’m tired of these SEO myths and want to debunk them once and for all!

7 SEO Myths You can Stop Believing

Myth #1 | If you can’t get into top result on page 1 of Google, there’s no point in bothering with SEO

Let’s just get the biggest myth out the way first.

Actually, there’s a lot more happening on the first page of the search results than you may realize.

And there’s a big difference between pay per click (PPC) AKA paying for keyword adverts and organic SEO, which is a free and long-term marketing strategy.

Advertisers who pay for keywords are given the “premium” top locations {as long as they keep paying their AdWords fees}.

This fluctuates – some days a keyword might have a couple of adverts and other days, none. Plus, some keywords are more competitive than others – as you can see below, the day I searched “design agency Los Angeles” had very high competition for that phrase, with four adverts being shown.

Thereafter comes the “Local Pack” – the closest businesses to your current location. As you zoom into the map, the businesses listed changes. The Local Pack isn’t always present and depends on what you happen to be searching for.

Under the Local Pack comes directory listings and, sometimes, influencer websites. Again, depending on what you’re searching for, these may or may not be present.

Then the free organic listings start.

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Boost Your Traffic With These 5 Essential SEO Strategies

June 28, 2017
Boost your traffic with these 5 essential SEO strategies

The reality is search IS evolving, but many of the core SEO strategies continue to stand the test of time.

This post is part of a three-part series to help you improve your search rankings:

Part 1 | Simple issues with your branding & content which are easy-to-fix
Part 2 | Search is evolving, don’t get left behind!
Part 3 | Core SEO fundamentals you shouldn’t neglect

In Part 1, I shared the 1st reason your blog isn’t ranking and my top 8 (simple) tips to avoid rookie mistakes, develop your content strategy, improve brand awareness and increase your engagement – catch up here.

In Part 2, I helped you understand how search is evolving with four major new search trends and how you can use them to your advantage – catch up here.

Today I’ll guide you through the most important SEO fundamentals you need to be aware of and the actions you must take to improve your search engine rankings.

From qualifying traffic for more quality leads, to user experience and persuasive Calls-To-Action (CTAs), having a user-centric approach to SEO is just as important as it is to your other business operations.

I’ll also share 3 client stories with their real-life experiences of how using SEO impacted their businesses.

Part 3 | Core SEO fundamentals you shouldn’t neglect

Neglecting core SEO is the 3rd reason your blog isn’t ranking. Find out below the vital SEO strategies which are standing the test of time and how you can use them to improve your ranking.

Neglect these SEO foundations at your peril!


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Why A Successful Business Needs Soul Just As Much As It Does SEO

June 26, 2017
Why a Successful Business Needs Soul Just as Much as it Needs SEO

Today’s post is from Ashley Looker, an Eating Psychology + Empowerment Coach who shares the same values that I do. We’re both on a mission to help busy women stay sane and create a lifestyle that’s authentic to who they are.

When she pitched the outline for this post, I was beyond excited! You won’t be disappointed with the wisdom Ashley’s sharing about creating a business with soul. Don’t miss her quiz at the end!


Let’s face it, SEO is a major driving force in your business – it’s a ‘must’ when it comes to driving traffic to your site, getting your blog posts read and getting your business found on Google. But here’s the thing – SEO doesn’t mean squat if your business doesn’t have Soul.

Allow me to explain – just as SEO drives traffic to your website, Soul drives connection. The Soul of your business (YOU!) helps create a relationship with your customers, it draws your visitors in on a deeper level – and will get them coming back again and again.

SEO gets your customers to your site/store/business. Soul keeps them there.

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4 Ways to Keep up with Evolving Search & Improve Your SEO

June 21, 2017

Google, Bing and other search engines are constantly analyzing what terms people are using, how relevant online content is and how people are using search.

Each year significant updates are issued which make some marketers declare “SEO is dead!”

Which is silly…and missing the entire point of search engines.

The reality is search IS evolving, but many of the core SEO strategies continue to stand the test of time – I’ll share more of those in Part 3.

This post is part of a three-part series to help you improve your search rankings:

Part 1 | Simple issues with your branding & content which are easy-to-fix
Part 2 | Search is evolving, don’t get left behind!
Part 3 | Core SEO fundamentals you shouldn’t neglect

In Part 1, I shared the 1st reason your blog isn’t ranking and my top 8 (simple) tips to avoid rookie mistakes, develop your content strategy, improve brand awareness and increase your engagement – catch up here.

Today I want to help you understand the new search trends and how you can use them to help improve SEO.

It’s time to consider semantics and the future of how people search online.

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3 (Surprising) Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Ranking + What To Do About It [Part 1]

June 14, 2017
3 reasons why your blog isn't ranking in search + what to do about it

If you’re trying to figure out how to get more traffic to your website or you’re wanting better quality traffic, as in, more highly qualified leads and more ideal clients, then don’t fear!

With a little know how it’s possible to vastly improve your search engine ranking.
You may be surprised to learn there are way more than three reasons why your blog isn’t ranking, but they can actually be grouped into three main topics:

Part 1 | Simple issues with your branding & content which are easy-to-fix
Part 2 | Search is evolving, don’t get left behind!
Part 3 | Core SEO fundamentals you shouldn’t neglect

I’m passionate about what SEO it can do for your business, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, so I’m breaking each topic down into a series of three parts.
I want to help you soar through the rankings, so let’s make it happen…

First up: Part 1 of why your blog isn’t ranking in search

Your content and blog is a vital part of improving your SEO.
But it’s easy to make newbie mistakes or just not get around to developing a more strategic approach.

If you’d like to see your site rank higher, let’s figure out where you can improve your SEO and overall content strategy…
Ready to up your content game?

Here are my top 8 tips for developing a content strategy, improving brand awareness and increasing engagement.

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What 6 Ingredients Do You Need to Write Superior Headlines?

June 7, 2017
What 6 Ingredients Do You Need to Write Great Headlines?

When you create content, which part is used the most often?

The headline, right? It’s the first touch point a reader has with your content whether it’s in an RSS feed, on social media, or anywhere else.

If you want to grab the ever-dwindling attention of readers online, you need to have great headlines.

Today’s post is from Jeda Pearl, who’s my very own trusted partner in editing and writing. She’s one of the best I’ve worked with, so I’m thrilled to have her sharing her tips on my blog.


Headlines can make or break your content. And they’re vital for SEO.

Writers can spend hours agonizing over perfecting headlines, but you don’t have time for that – you’ve got a business to run!

Unless you’ve got a copywriter on call, you’ll have to come up with great content headlines fast.

So if you’re wondering what makes a headline great, and how you can write your own click-worthy headlines which convert, you’re in the right place. In fact, you should probably bookmark this post to refer to the next time you’re editing content, or trying to come up with an irresistible headline.

I’ve analyzed thousands of words worth of research and statistics from leading copywriters, bloggers and content marketing industry specialists and discovered there are just 6 key ingredients which go into producing great headlines.

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17 powerful benefits of SEO you might be missing out on

May 24, 2017
17 Powerful Benefits of SEO

Even though you know SEO’s important, does it feel like a drawn-out, painful and disorienting headache that you just can’t face?

If you realized the game-changing difference that SEO can make for your business, your life could look very different six months from now.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what results you can expect from investing in SEO, this post is for you.

How will optimizing your website transform your business?

17 Benefits of SEO to Boost Traffic + Business

1 | Within 3-6 months organic SEO can bring in more money


  • a quick fix
  • superficial hack
  • trickster bait & switch
  • an overnight ride to the #1 spot in search results.

To see real results, you need to allocate time on your calendar – just an hour or so a week – to take the action steps required, and a little patience.

Anyone who promises results in a lightning flash could be turning to black-hat SEO. Avoid this at all costs because Google will penalize you for it later – it’s just not worth the risk.

If you want a safe fast-track to the top, you’ll need to pay a premium for PPC (pay per click) advert space, in addition to any consulting fees (those are the search results with “AD” beside them at the top of the page).

Organic SEO builds your reputation and authority with Google over time and is a fantastic long-term marketing strategytwitter icon

But how does that translate into more money?

The short answer is: increased traffic, targeted to your exact offerings = more ideal clients.

The increased, better quality traffic brings more conversions, social shares, subscribers and, most importantly, sales.

The next 16 business-boosting results explain how SEO brings a huge return on both time and cash investment, plus I also share the wellbeing benefits to you, your business and your clients.

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Business, Health + Wellness

How Getting More Sleep Will Improve Productivity + Happiness

May 3, 2017
How Getting More Sleep Will Improve Productivity & Happiness

How many of us wear our sleep-deprived achievements as a badge of honor? Or reason with ourselves that getting just a few more tasks done is worth pushing our bedtime back just a little further

Even if you know how important sleep is, there’s still a chance you’re not prioritizing it highly… (I know I’m not!)

But what if you could achieve more in less time? What if you could feel happier while doing it?

Not only is this possible, but there are tons of scientific studies to back up the claims.

Today’s post is from Karen Broda, who blogs over at Strong and Smart. She helps strong, smart busy professional women get past the emotional and mental barriers that prevent us from reaching our wellness goals, which is a topic very close to my heart. Karen contacted me a few months ago and we knew we had to connect.

I also recently mentioned my love for the book The Sleep Revolution, so the timing of this post is perfect!

Karen breaks down how getting more sleep will improve productivity and happiness… and maybe even lead to that big promotion at work like it did for her! Or what about that creative breakthrough you’ve been waiting for?

We’ve Been Approaching Sleep Entirely the Wrong Way

Sleep is important. We know that 7-8 hours per night is supposedly the magic number, but who really gets that much each night? Between running your own business, seeing family and friends, and managing other life priorities, I’m sure you’ve managed on less sleep.

But what if I told you getting “enough sleep” isn’t just important, it’s crucial for your immediate and long term health? And what if you could actually get more done in a day if you slept longer? Preposterous? Maybe not….

My new found relationship with sleep

A few years ago I was always exhausted in the evenings, no energy to do much of anything after working all day. I figured this was just due to tough 6 am workouts followed by a day of work. But then the exhaustion every night led to a short temper, a consistently foggy mind, and frustration with being tired all the time (even on weekends)!

I decided to start ignoring my alarm to wake “naturally”… waking up when my body was ready to get up, not by blaring alarm. My new wake-up time started to become 7 am (over an hour later!) yet I still managed to fit in my workout, work a full day, plus have the time and energy to enjoy my evenings (and weekends!).

I was more enjoyable to be around, could easily smile all day long, and my brain became sharp again which led to a job promotion (yippee!). Was this emotional and career success really the result of a little extra sleep each day?

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