Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Michelle Lewis: Visibility Expert for Female Entrepreneurs

April 26, 2017

People dream of being in show business in Los Angeles, but this entrepreneur knew she was made for more.

Michelle Lewis took her video and acting experience from working on shows like Pretty Little Liars and Chuck and transformed it into a business helping aspiring entrepreneurs get visible.

Find out the #1 focus she recommends for new entrepreneurs, how she handles criticism when being so visible, and so much more.

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Sunday Link Love: Handling Writer’s Block, Using Yoast in WordPress + Boosting Newsletter Subscribers

April 23, 2017

Sunday Link Love is a series of helpful marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle resources from around the web, plus a few insights into my behind-the-scenes life.

On my mind… The past few weeks have been all about the ebb and flow of energy for me.

What I’m loving… The warmer weather! Even while living in Florida I was somehow vitamin D deficient, so you bet I’ve been enjoying soaking up the sun lately.

Reading… On Monday I started Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, by T. Colin Campbell (co-author of The China Study published a few years ago). I haven’t read a book about nutrition in awhile, so I’m enjoying the reminders. Just like The Sleep Revolution that I finished last week, I’ve read similar books before but need a reminder every so often.

Anticipating… Heading to Florida on the 28th for the first non-work or family related vacation I’ve had in a long time!

Learning… I had another inspiring session with my business coach this week. The biggest lesson from my session was around value messaging for my services. My clients pay me for my experience and results, not for my hours.

Now, on to this week’s round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» Consistently writing great content for your blog and business definitely has its challenges! I know I’ve struggled with this in the past, and it can often lead to self-doubt and mental blocks.  These four great writing tricks will help you get out of your head and start writing.

» Struggling to get more clients? Read about how to use the fundamentals of online marketing to build a sales funnel. You’ll be bringing in clients on autopilot!

» Choosing a name for your blog can be hard! Here are great tips on how to choose the perfect blog name (plus a free editable style guide template).

» Speaking of starting a blog, read this first: 13 myths you believe about launching your blog & online business (but never should) – trust me you won’t regret it!

» In the online business world, your subscribers are key to your success. Maya shares amazing tips on authentically boosting your newsletter subscribers into a healthy and thriving email list filled with people who love your message.

» Looking to better use Yoast settings on with your WordPress site? Check out this guide on how to use Yoast SEO in WordPress Pages and Posts.

» Being an introvert in an extrovert-favored world can be exhausting, and you know I’m all about promoting self-care! Kayla shares how she’s managing her energy levels as an introvert.

» Ever wonder how you can create a workbook to share and help your readers? Read this post will definitely help you get started on the right track.


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5 Expert Tips to Manage + Maximize Your Freelance Income as a New Coach

April 19, 2017
5 Expert Tips to Manage Your Freelance Income as a New Coach

I’ve been through many stages of starting a business… doing freelance projects while working a day job, gaining experience as a new coach, up-leveling after those initial trying years…

One thing I wish I’d had more guidance on was how to manage and maximize the income I was making at each of the different stages.

Today’s post on managing income is from Salma El-Shurafa, founder of The Pathway Project. She helps empower executives and professionals to lead effectively, grow businesses, achieve ambitious results and leverage limitless potential through her coaching practice.

Salma’s sharing five expert tips on managing and maximizing freelance income, but don’t be too sure you’ve got it under control even if you’re a seasoned business owner!

Coaching is an admirable profession for its main goal is to assist someone toward her optimally better self and life.  

But you know what? Coaching is a great source of income too.

Over the years, the demand for life and business coaches has grown as people became more stressed with work, family, relationships and other concerns.

Many people have realized that they can’t always work through their issues alone because of their myopic view of their situation. In order to get a full understanding of what they’re dealing with, they require somebody who can assess them from the outside, without judgment, and teach them what needs to be done and basically, that’s what a coach does.

Despite being an in-demand career, freelance coaching is not as steady as other more conventional jobs. Freelance income may be particularly unstable for new coaches who are still getting things off the ground.

Therefore, if you’re a new coach and demand for your services are still just trickling in, properly managing your coaching freelance income is a must.

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Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Ieva Laicãne: Becoming a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur

April 12, 2017
Becoming a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur

Being a digital nomad is the dream for many of us, right? Traveling the world while you set your own schedule doing what you love… sounds amazing!

Ieva Laicãne started as many creative entrepreneurs do- a million passions but zero idea what to do with them.

She’s now making a living doing what she loves while traveling and setting her own schedule. She recently started The Random Passion Project to help other aspiring digital nomads and entrepreneurs figure out how to get started building a life they love.

I can relate to so many of her answers, from not finishing every new project idea to struggling with motivation during the winter. I have a feeling we’re not alone!

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Sunday Link Love: Money-Talking Tips for Introverts, Using NoFollow Links Correctly + Building Smart Work Habits

April 9, 2017
Link Round Up Including Introvert Business Tips, Using Nofollow Links Correctly & Creating Smart Work Habits

I don’t even know where the time and days are going this year… but I guess that’s every year, right? Does anyone NOT feel like this? I’d love to know.

On my mind… I’ve been taking my marketing and networking offline more lately. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to attend one in-person networking event per month, and so far I’m averaging two or three. As an introvert it can be exhausting, but I also feel like I’m finally establishing some roots in an area. Pittsburgh has a lot to offer for female entrepreneurs, so it’s really exciting.

What I’m loving… All the live music I get to see in Pittsburgh. Everything from The Lumineers and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness to local blue grass bands in the War Streets Brewing garage, it’s all fun.

Last weekend I made new friends at a concert and we accidentally stood in line to meet Atlus Genius. They did put on a great show, so even though we were trying to find Andrew McMahon, it’s all good!

Atlus Genius Pittsburgh

Accidentally meeting Atlus Genius

Reading… GUYS. You have to read The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. I knew sleep was important, but this book is still changing how and why I’ll prioritize it.

Anticipating… Aaron and I finally booked a vacation at the end of April. If you have any recommendations for things to do in the Florida Keys, let me know!

Learning… How to customize Squarespace templates. I’m working on something exciting that I can’t wait to unveil. My Instagram stories will have sneak peeks over the next few weeks.

Now, on to this week’s round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» As introverts, the thought of talking with a client about money can create a lump in your stomach the size of an exercise ball.  Erika understands this and in her kind way provides amazing tips plus 4 polite fill-in-the-blank client scripts to help you be a boss.

» Not using “Nofollow links” properly can get you into big trouble with Google – even if you think you’re doing everything right. This post explains why and what you can do to protect yourself.

» JPG? PNG? GIF? Not sure what the difference is or when you should use which graphic format? Read this.

» Although owning a business is amazing it definitely comes with periods of stress and overwhelm… especially if you suffer from migraines like I do. Taking care of ourselves is vital to keeping our businesses moving forward. Here are 5 major migraine culprits and how you can avoid them.

» I don’t know about you, but finding my voice and writing the copy for my business was something I struggled with when I first started my blog. This post is filled with 16 ways you can update your website copy in one day and attract the right kind of audience.

» Speaking of website copy, here are 3 client questions your website homepage should answer.

» I love getting my hands on productivity tips that help me to stay focused and moving forward. Alexandra explains how block scheduling can help you not only stay focused but more intentional with your time.

» If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know how important I think self-care is and even more so when running a business or side hustle. It’s important to build smart work habits and ensure your well-being so that you can stay creative and keep your business thriving.


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Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Kayla Kleinman: Launching Holistic Happenings, a Wellness Events Company

March 15, 2017
Chasing Dreams Interview with Kayla Kleinman: Launching a Wellness Events Business

Kayla Kleinman is a woman of many talents. She’s an actress-turned-marketer, fitness blogger, yoga teacher, and grad student among so much else.

Kayla’s also the co-founder of a new wellness events company in NYC named Holistic Happenings.

She’s navigated her way through a variety of small jobs and exploring her interests in order to start creating a life on her terms, which I know so many of you desire to do.

Find out how chasing her dreams has gained big time attention from companies like Teen Vogue, Arianna Huffington’s new company Thrive Global and Modell‘s.

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Sunday Link Love: Free Planning Calendars, 38 Webinar Ideas + How to Get Better Sleep

March 12, 2017

I’m trying something new this week and jumping in on The Blogger Tribe‘s Sunday Lately series, led by the lovely Angelica and Katy!

Each Sunday the group shares a sneak peek into their lives based on different prompts.


I’ve been really into peppermint essential oil lately.


Sunshine. The weather here in Pittsburgh has been insane the past few weeks. From days of sunny 60-degree amazingness to waking up with an inch of snow on Friday…I’m just not sure what to do with myself.


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SEO Basics: How Much Do URLs Matter for SEO? (+ 5 Quick Tips)

March 9, 2017
SEO Basics: Quick Tips for SEO Friendly URLs

Interestingly, how much effect a URL has on search rankings has been a hotly debated topic among SEO experts over the past few years.

Okay, I know that’s not really interesting…

What you DO want to know are which aspects to worry about when creating new pages and blog posts on your website.

What’s a URL, again?

Basically, the URL directs the browser where to go on the internet.

What does URL stand for? Does it really matter? Not unless you’re playing trivia tonight…

There are 4 main parts to a URL structure:

4 Main Parts of a URL for SEO Optimization

Image Credit:

Today we’re solely focusing on the page-name portion at the end.

But you should know that a permalink or slub are alternative names for the “page name” part of a URL in some platforms like WordPress and Squarespace.

The URL is considered one of the on-page factors you can optimize for search engines, so let’s look at how it might affect your rankings.

How does the URL impact search results?

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Sunday Link Love: Mind Mapping, Affordable Stock Photos + Winter Self-Care

February 26, 2017

The past two weeks included a trip to California, another round of The Imperfect Boss campaign, and a busy week trying to catch up on emails.

On my mind… With all of that going on, the idea of the entrepreneurial “hustle” and finding the right flow in my business have been weighing heavily on my mind. You can read more of my personal feelings on hustling in the first Instagram post below. I’d love to know your thoughts in a blog comment or Instagram comment!

What I’m loving… I can’t get enough of The Lively Show podcast and the direction Jess is going with flow, intention, energy, quantum mechanics, etc. It’s so fascinating! What podcast are you loving lately?

Now, on to this week’s round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» I had never heard of Peek User Testing before but thanks to this great list of must-have business tools by Studio Krystal I will definitely be checking out.

» I’ve heard people mention mind mapping but haven’t had the opportunity to test it out yet. The visual organization aspect of it looks really helpful.

» Like I always say when you feel your best, you’ll do your best! These ideas will help you to fight the winter blues and prepare for spring.

» There’s a lot of confusion surrounding how to best use categories and tags on your blog. I haven’t found a post that explains it exactly how I view it, but this one comes really close.

» If you’re an introvert, you can still be an excellent entrepreneur and have a social media personality.

» I love lists, organization tips, and spreadsheets…so this post is PERFECT.

» Want to monetize your blog but not sure what to believe? This post breaks down popular myths about making money from blogging.

» #1 and #3 are the biggest business habits I’m trying to break this year. Which ones are you working on?

» Having great images is SO important for your online presence, but you don’t have to break the bank to create them. Also, check out this great guide on where to find free or inexpensive styled stock photography.

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Chasing Dreams Interview Series

Chasing Dreams Interview with Katie Bressack: Becoming a Health + Wellness Coach

February 24, 2017
Katie Bressack Becoming a Successful Wellness Coach

This interview is part of the Chasing Dreams interview series. I’ve interviewed a variety of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have chosen a different path in life in order to go after his or her dream career. Have an entrepreneur in mind you’d like to learn more about? Let me know!

Katie Bressack is a women’s wellness expert based in Los Angeles. She’s been featured by companies like MSNBC, Fox Business, and American Express. Find out what inspired her to become a health coach, and what she’s done to find success in the wellness industry.

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